It is necessary to have a good water softener installed in our kitchen. Remember, hard water do have a lot of negative traits. It can easily destroy the appliances and utensil that are used for boiling the water. Be it electric jug or normal kettle, each face with some sort of quality deterioration on prolonged exposure to hard water. You may be surprised to hear the phrase “Hard Water”? Well, it’s nothing but normal unfiltered water. Water that gets stored in tank reserve through pump can well be termed as hard water. It mainly contains a good quantity of magnesium. It is the presence of magnesium that creates some serious problem to utensils and appliances. It also affects skin and hair. Too much Iron and magnesium content in water can cause serious baldness. Quality of garments deteriorates on prolonged washing with hard water.

Although there are different water softeners available in the market, but reading the reviews may not be sufficient to judge the quality of a product. The different types of softener systems available presently in the market are listed below:

Magnetic Charge

Salt-based softeners use a certain type of procedure to filter the water and remove magnesium, iron, and other impurities. The procedure works on the principle of ion exchange. As a result neutralizing every type of impurities and elements present within water take place.

Salt-free softeners follow a procedure that is environment friendly. They pick the calcium elements contained in water, and then harden them to make them transform into particles. These can easily be washed away completely with waste water.

Osmosis softeners follow the biological concept of semi-permeable membrane through which magnesium as well calcium elements are passed completely. As a result, the soft water is left behind.

Magnet charge based softeners attracts calcium elements through the procedure of magnetic charging. It is a temporary procedure.

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