One fine morning, you are swimming in your pool and you come across some tiles starts falling off! Totally unexpected, and downright frustrating; you are left with no option but to scratch your head and yell out (loudly):-

Why Are These Darn Tiles Falling Off…?

Well, truth be told; there’s no reason for you to go all bonkers yet, as this issue is more common than you realise. Keep reading the post if you want to know the cause behind such untoward occurrences.

 Reason 1:- Inappropriate Installation of Tiles.

If you find your pool tiles coming out- suddenly, then the most obvious reason for this could be the inappropriate installation of the tiles.

Wrong use of tiles is another factor which could cause the tiles to come off. Example- the use of Mosaic tiles for pool surfaces. Some owners think it will work as well as they do for their home- but they don’t!

In addition, use of improper adhesive and sealant could be another chief cause. To avoid all this issues and ensure your pool tiles don’t come off, schedule a date with swimming pool renovation experts in Melbourne to take care of its installation. 

Reason 2:- Problems in Its Deck.

Another reason which causes your pool tiles to come off is when there are issues in your pool deck. More so, if the deck is closely attached to the tiles and both of them have undergone lots of heavy impacts over time.

Contraction and expansion due to weather changes plays a significant role, and so you need to ensure there is ample space between the deck and tiled area- something like a buffer area to reduce impact. Also, look to get your deck problems sorted properly with the help of professional tilers as soon as you can!

Reason 3:- Cracks Starting To Form Around Your Old Tiles.

With time and more use, your pool deck starts to form cracks in and around those old tiles. Also, if you have been guilty of dropping some heavy objects into your pool, then such impacts can disrupt your fitted tiles and force a few of them to come out.

But, what’s worse is that, left unchecked, these issues can develop into something bigger and costlier than the other ones. So, watch out for such cracks or other blemishes, and if you come across them, get in touch with a notable pool tiler serving in Melbourne to repair them professionally.

Reason 4:- Lastly, the Weather.

Your swimming pool sits outside and is constantly exposed to the weather conditions. During cold weather, your pool surface contracts, while during warmer weather, they expand.  This repeated contracting and expanding impacts the deck surface more than you realise and makes those old tiles unstable and prone to coming off.

Final Say:

Now that you are educated on those possible causes why your pool tile comes off unexpectedly, call in the experts and get it professionally repaired or renovated as per its condition.

So, start looking for quality pooling experts in your area. 

Author's Bio: 

The author by profession is a pool tiler serving in Melbourne for years serving both the commercial and residential sector. The author also knows of other swimming pool renovation experts in Melbourne who handle all kinds of repair and renovation services.