The right orientation entails positioning a building as per the seasonal variations in the sun’s path, prevailing wind patterns and maximising the street appeal, capturing the scenic view, drainage considerations and more. With an increase in the energy cost, proper building orientation is important for passive house builders to make the most of the free energy from the sun.

Quality building orientation also boosts the appeal and marketability of your building which, in turn, helps increase their indoor comfort, reduced energy consumption and a manageable monthly electricity bill. 

Digging Deeper Into The Hallmarks Of Good House Orientation:-

Quality house orientation, mixed with other energy efficiency features, reduces the need for auxiliary cooling and heating. This results in lowering the energy bills, improving living comfort and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It considers all winter and summer variations in the sun’s path and the direction of the cooling breeze.

Here are some following tips as per quality home builders.

  • Ensure that frequently used rooms such as the kitchen and the living room are oriented towards the southern side of the sun. In this way, the residents will get relief from the sun during winters and appreciate its rays during winter.
  • Decks and patios should be constructed on the southward direction of your home. The laundry, garage and other less frequently areas should be the north part of your house. It will serve as a proper buffer to the cold winter wind.
  • Most energy-efficient homes or flip home designs consist of numerous windows to allow proper air circulation throughout the house. Plus, they also allow ample heat transfer through the walls. So when orienting your windows, be sure to opt for South facing windows as it provides proper shade during Summer and lets in shine during the winter season. Another option could be going for east-facing windows which provides you light in the morning but safeguards you from the harsh and torturous sun in the afternoon period.
  • Driveways tend to gather the most heat. The gravel and asphalt materials tend to heat up faster in comparison to the rest of your yard and that heat also splits over to the adjacent house. It is why the parking lot or driveway should be situated on the south or east side of the building. This will help reduce heat accumulation. Furthermore, during the winter season, a south or west-facing driveway will also help melt snow quicker and present your home with comfortable warmth.

Speak To Your Passive House Builders About Proper Orientation:- 

It is very important for you to keep in mind each of these house orientation aspects prior to purchasing your house, property or apartment to meet your warming and cooling requirements appropriately.

So, speak to notable passive house builders serving Melbourne to design your new property keeping these orientation principles in mind. It will keep you cosy throughout and reduce your monthly bills. 

In addition to these proper orientation rules, these builders will also make use of quality passive house supplies such as

  • Energy recovery systems
  • uPVC double glazing windows for thermal bridging
  • Heat pumps to make hot water out of the air without excessive use of electricity
  • And, solar PV panels.

They will also implement air-tight building envelope systems, namely SIGA membrane and tapes to make your energy efficient home as airtight as possible.

Want to know more about proper house orientation and energy efficient house designs and supplies? Consult with the experts of Pure Eco Homes and straighten out all your customised requirements.

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The author runs a company having a dedicated team of house builders serving Melbourne specialising in quality energy efficient homes.