Hair transplant is an elective procedure which is employed by transplanting your own hair follicles harvested from some specific location of your body to the desired bald locations. The donor areas could be those specific areas of your body which contains DHT resistant hair follicles that stay permanent for life times as they are devoid of the receptors for androgenic hormones which causes the hair loss in the sensitive areas.
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Hair transplant techniques
The basic hair transplant techniques offered to perform hair transplant includes:
FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques
FUT hair transplant is performed by excising a thin strip of scalp skin from the donor areas and then dividing it further to harvest the hair grafts. The donor area is closed and the hair grafts are transplanted at the desired bald area.
FUE hair transplant is performed by extracting the individual hair grafts from the donor areas using pulling forces by a punch device. These extracted hair grafts are transplanted successfully at the desired bald area.
Are you aware of what is BHT?
BHT technique refers to Body hair transplant which involves the extraction of hair grafts from the areas other than the scalp regions and then transplanted elsewhere at the desired bald site. This procedure is an option when the donor area in the scalp region seems insufficient to provide sufficient hair graft that’s when other areas of body are explored to perform the hair transplant.
Combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT
The FUT+FUE+BHT combination technique was introduced with the vision of harvesting a higher number of hair grafts in single session to provide a pleasant coverage in advanced bald cases or high density hair transplant. This technique is performed by harvesting a major sum of hair grafts using FUT hair transplant and the rest of the quantity left by using FUE hair transplant technique. BHT or body hair transplant is performed to extract the hair grafts for avoiding the higher amount of extraction from the scalp region using FUE technique in order to avoid the damage to hair grafts and preserve the donor site for future sittings.
The BHT is usually performed from under the chin area which is called as “shadow area” using a specialized punch device of 0.75mm to avoid he visible scarring.
This technique could harvest a higher yield of more than 4000 hair grafts which is a hefty amount to provide the sufficient coverage in advanced bald cases and high density hair transplant in single session.
Significance of combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT
This procedure is definitely an excellent innovation to provide a good amount of coverage in single session in advanced cases. The significance to choose this procedure for your hair transplant is explained as follows:
1. Higher yield of hair grafts provides pleasant coverage in extensive cases in single session.
2. Least damage rate of the hair grafts following the procedure as FUE hair transplant technique is minimally practiced and BHT is incorporated.
3. The inter distance of extracting each hair grafts could be increased by FUE technique in order to negate the scarring of the donor area followed by healing.
4. The smaller area is required despite higher yield of hair grafts and the donor sites can be preserved for future sittings.
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