Wine collection has always been a hobby of many wine enthusiasts who like to relish a glass of their favourite wines at any time they want in their home. But preserving the very taste of wines at their best isn’t an easy job and you certainly need a strategically designed place where they can be kept at regulated temperature. Over the years, we have come across a number of designs and patterns when it comes to building a wine cellar. However, when it comes to wine room construction, it is always better to seek for expert assistance.

Following here are some of the professional tips discussed to make your dream wine cellar while availing professional advice from experts.

Be clear of how you will be using your wine cellar

First and foremost, it is important for you to figure out the very purpose of wine cellar. Will it be just for storing the wines or you want to display your entire collection in an aesthetically pleasing way as well? Do you prefer using contemporary metal racks or you want the cellar to be built by using traditional wooden racks? How big or small do you want your wine room to be? All these questions need to be cleared out before making the final decision and beginning the project.

Evaluate the optimal wine storage conditions

Normally, a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 60-70% relative humidity is required for storing and maintaining the wines at their best condition. So, it is important to have a controlled environment for storing the wines. Also, you will need wine coolers or a cooling unit to maintain the ideal condition. Most of the wine coolers come with the option of temperature variations and hence, they can be able to maintain the proper humidity and temperature conditions for aging and long-term storage. Also, you must ensure that the wines are stored in a darker place having no direct exposure to sunlight and without any kind of disturbance or vibration for adequate aging.

Include the crucial three components of any wine room

The three most important aspects of building a wine cellar are:

  • Vapour or moisture barrier: It is always important to incorporate a moisture and vapour barrier while constructing a wine room. A 6 mil polyethylene is the most common vapour barrier being used.
  • Insulation: Proper insulation of the wine room is another crucial aspect which, you should always focus on while setting up a wine room.
  • Airtight seal: Also, you need to make sure that when door of the cellar is closed, there should be no scope for any kind of air flowing in or out. Hence, the door should be weather-stripped, and a door-sweep should be there to prevent the air from outside entering in when the door is closed.

The bottom line

Wine room construction is a step-by-step process which, requires the right knowledge and expertise to do in an efficient way. Hence, it is beneficial to rely on experts for doing the task as making a single mistake might lead you to waste your money and efforts while resulting in failure of your entire project as well.

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The author is one of the highly experienced wine cellar specialists who has been offering top-notch wine room construction services to many clients by now. In his leisure time, he also likes to write blogs and articles on a variety of relevant topics as well.