“What value can your Company bring into my project?” Digital marketing managers in SEO agencies have certainly faced this question in their professions. As tricky as the word “value” sounds here, it is cliché as to what it means.

Value here is-

1. Monetary return for the project.
2. How wide and far can you spread news of the brand?
3. What are your strategies and how long will it take my project to see effective results.
4. Will the results be seen only online or will it be effectively good in the real-time business as well.
Sounds pretty relevant right?

Much of the work in a digital agency is expected around creativity and hard skills. The work in an agency is focused on good Google Ads, campaigns, designs, designing websites on various platforms for various purposes. But these are the hard skills which a professional in the field or related would know of. The clients are worried of the real-time value.

How to provide real-time value?

Data is a vast ocean. But not all of them are necessarily relevant to you. As a digital marketing agency or seo company in NJ you need to know which useful information you need to pull out and convert it into wisdom for a client’s business.+

Simply break it into small parts –

Data can be pulled off by anyone. But what matters, in the end, is the wisdom which your clients or the customers of the clients can make use of from your research, analysis, and strategy.

Tip: Do not just dump data. Provide actual insights.

The online competition has substantially increased in the past few years which have the conversion rate decreasing. Business projects are always on the lookout for digital agencies that reassess the strategies to stay competitive.

Just like business prospects are keen on the word “value”, the digital marketing industry works around the word “insight”.

A good business plan looking for a good voice focuses on the metrics that are important. They are all about questioning the “why” rather than “what happened”. It is rather a process of breaking down complex algorithms or formulae or strategies into a simple human language. One that is understandable in real time.

Sure the cost per clicks have increased to a considerable amount since 2017 along with the competition but that is not what the clients are worried of.

A format that is understandable

Speak the language of your client when presenting the values of your service. If you are talking to a Digital marketing manager or PPC Account Manager, you most definitely will use the industry jargon language. But the same does not work when giving a presentation to a prospective CEO or VP. There is no way you can simply get away with a bunch of acronyms.

Tip: Use stats and graphs your audience is comfortable with and gets your point concisely on the table.

What should your presentation contain?

  • What is the main problem of the client your SEO agency is trying to solve?
  • What is the best solution to that problem?
  • Does my agency have the skill and team required for the project?
  • How can my agency bring the best results with the least budget?
  • What is the best route to complete the task within the shortest time?
  • How can I provide the client an insight?

Tip: Have a plan of action because a goal with no roadmap is just a wish.

Establish yourself as an expert and not a follower

You want to convince your client. After all, how will you convince the consumers if you cannot convince the client? Your client has approached you for a reason. Know when to push back and give an expert recommendation. As a partner to a business, you should always have the best interest of the business at heart. Also, be ready with a backup of all the information and knowledge to prove your point.


Your clients know their business better than you. But if you are looking forward to becoming a partner, do your research well on their business from the scratch. It will give you a better insight of their business before even making a strategic approach on how to place them at the top of their competitors.

Author's Bio: 

I'm a writer and illustrator. I did graduation in Journalism. For my Postgraduate thesis, I researched on Communicative Science and Disorder.