Dealing with dirty windows is not only frustrating but unhealthy too! Over time, dust, grime and water marks build up on window surfaces which give it an unsightly appearance and lead to a host of health issues among kids, pets and elderly family members.  Deep window cleaning at least once or twice a week can help you get rid off dust and allergens at home and prolong the shelf-life of your windows for the coming years.

This blog highlights some expert-approved cleaning tips that can save both your time and effort and make window cleaning a breeze! Stick to the end of this post to explore them one by one.

Tools Required for Shinier and Sparkling Windows

Window cleaning may seem overwhelming but to get the task done right without any damage, you need to equip yourself with basic tools and equipment which are listed below:

  • Scrubber
  • Bucket
  • Hand/Dishwashing Detergent
  • Small towels
  • Rugs

Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, it's time to start with the task. According to the experts offering House Cleaning in Kew, the best natural homemade solution to clean windows is to add a few gallons of water and a tsp of dishwashing liquid in your bucket. As an alternative, you can also use vinegar and water. In case you are washing windows in freezing cold weather, it's better to add windshield solution to ensure water doesn't freeze on the window surface. Now whether you will use scrubber or sponge that entirely depends upon your choice. If your window surface has accumulated heaps of dirt, grime, grease or stains, it's better to use a scouring brush to remove them from the surface. However, if you have a preference for mild wash, a good-quality sponge can serve the purpose.

  • Scrub the Window Surface

The first and foremost step is to scrub the window surface with a scour brush and mild dishwashing liquid. Start from any edge and gently scrub the windows clockwise and anticlockwise. Both horizontal and vertical strokes can work to channelize excess water towards the untouched surface.

  • Use Squeegee to Clear off Streaks

Watermarks, fingerprints are likely to develop on window surfaces which eventually turn into permanent spots. Professionals offering House Cleaning in Brighton recommend to use a squeegee and locate it at the top of the window. Pull it down with gentle hands with the squeegee and your windows will get back the lustrous shine within a few minutes.

  • Wrinkled Newspapers Offers a Lustrous Shine

A good idea to give a natural polish to your window glasses is by wiping off the surface with wrinkled newspapers. For a more sparkling shine, you can wipe off your window surface with clean cotton shirts. Or else, you can try another trick. Simply rub a clean eraser over rinsed and dried out windows and you will see a lustrous shine on the glasses.

Window cleaning can be made hassle-free by following a few nifty tips mentioned above. For more time-saving house cleaning tips, keep following our upcoming posts. 

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