One must aim before one can achieve, this is the motto of every engineering aspirant who wants to make it to IIT. The entrance exam is tough but if you prepare enough, it should be simple. The effort you put in must be greater than those of competing students in your batch. So, be prepared for a tough fight.

Begin with a self-assessment
The important things to do is to find out how you are and find out which things you must prepare the most. Then, you must make a schedule for your study and work to keep it. Lastly, take more mock tests before you appear for the real one. That said; let us see how to get going.

Face the Competition
Entrance tests are getting tougher because more students are competing. Though there are more than 12 lac seats for engineering in private colleges, the seats in IITs and NITs is only 37,000. You have to figure in the top bracket if you want to get selected. And for this, you must prepare well. Coaching classes give you the needed mental toughness to fight the competition and come through victorious. Join the best JEE Coaching Center in Itanagar and get rewarded. We have enough experience training and placing students for competitive exams.

Prepare a time schedule
For your study at home, you must make a timetable. In the coaching center, they will have a plan and proceed according to that. First, check if you can cover one chapter in 4 days. Accordingly, mark the time when you can finish studying the entire syllabus. You should be able to go over the entire syllabus two or three times. This is aside from your coaching class preparation. Also, find some time to play because this will refresh your mind and help you understand your study material better.

Break Up of JEE Main
The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main will have two papers. One is for architects and the other is for engineers. Both the papers have duration of 3 hours and 4 points for a correct answer and 1 negative point for a wrong one (except for Drawing Test). You have questions from Math, Physics, and Chemistry in the engineering paper. For the architecture test, you have Drawing Test, Aptitude Test, and Math.

Try solving some of the old question papers from the previous year. Take some mock tests from your coaching center. Get advice from old IITians so you get an insight into cracking IIT JEE. Use NCERT material alongside JEE study material. Develop the habit of problem-solving. You must find the right way to solve the JEE problems. For this, consult your study coordinators at the study centers. This is the best way to improve. And, don’t let doubts to remain unresolved.

Clear them with your teachers or study coordinators at the coaching centers.
Those that prepare well be there at the winner’s circle. It is the time of your life when you must prepare well or be left behind. Life is not kind to losers, so be tough and prepare tougher.

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