Excerpt taken from Erica's forthcoming book Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond: Second Act, New Role

“The most fundamental principle of love is knowing who you really are, at the purest level of soul, beneath the encumbrances of human restrictions and limitations, in particular, not being allowed to indulge natural human emotions.”

Before we can learn to love, we must understand what love is to us. What is this thing that connects us in the Universe?

True love is centered in the heart and emanates outward. It does not start somewhere outside of oneself and move inward. It is like a pulsating energy from within every cell of one’s being reaching out into the universe to embrace all other life. Love is the one universal principle that brings all of “personkind” together and ensures the survival of the world.

Love is seeing who you really are behind your perceived self image – that image created by what others see you as or you see yourself as compared to others. The most fundamental principle of love is knowing who you really are, at the purest level of soul, beneath the encumbrances of human restrictions and limitations, in particular, not being allowed to indulge natural human emotions. “The model of behavior for centuries on this planet [Earth] has been to not ‘indulge’ your emotions...If you’re feeling angry, stuff it...if you’re feeling fear, rise above it; if you’re feeling love, control it, limit it, wait with it, run from it – do whatever you have to do to stop from expressing it...”1 Denying your emotions is saying that you’re not willing to accept them as an expression of being human.

We all comprise mind, body and soul, and it is through our human mind and body experiences that we can elevate our soul’s evolution to its highest level. That level is simply LOVE; Love is all there is. Within the experiences that the human mind and body offer, you are realizing who you are. “The purpose of the soul – its reason for coming to the body – is to be and express who you really are.”2

This clarity of who you are then reaches out to others around you where you also begin to see them for who they are. When you are centered in love, you can see beyond the human flesh and see that all others are also pure souls and that their human experiences, like yours, are helping them to realize who they are. “Give everyone a sense of their own worthiness as a person, a sense of the true wonder of who they are. Give this gift and you will heal the world.”3

In order for us to realize who we really are, our REAL SELF, our souls must have human experiences. By “interchanging between the embodied soul and the outside world” through experience, we nourish our soul. Feel the soul through one’s senses, living day by day, in touch with the world around you. These experiences lead us to the Ultimate Truth, which is Love. Through our human experiences, we learn to express love.

Know that as human beings, we have idiosyncrasies. Accept these as part of our character and don’t apologize or feel guilty. “Guilt is the feeling that keeps you stuck in who you are not.”4 For example, see your body, your human flesh, as a shrine for the Divine female, the Goddess within, not as a combination of sagging breasts, flabby thighs, spreading hips and dimpled skin.

Show affection and nurture another person to help her feel connected to the Universe, to feel his own self-love. Feel the connection with all else that lives.

Be able to let go and stop trying to control one’s life. Be vulnerable. Experience pain, sorrow, grief, anger and any other human emotions. You cannot experience love if you do not allow yourself to express these human emotions. Denying them says that you’re not willing to love yourself even when you’re having these feelings.

Have faith in a Divine plan; believe that you and all others are children of God, all on a Divine journey. See yourself and others as following the path of that journey in the best way you know how, based on your own conscious awareness. Everyone is on a different path but with the same ultimate goal...to reach his or her highest potential as a Divine being.

Oh it all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It IS simple, but it may not be easy. We’re human, remember? And to be human means to be confronted with life’s ever-changing challenges. But these challenges are opportunities for growth, and we must look at them with the same curiosity and enthusiasm that a child looks at anything new. Take it on with the innocence and fervor of youth. In the beginning, a child knows nothing but love. This is where we must return. Recall what Jesus Christ said: ”Only a child can enter the Kingdom of God.”

And so it goes, love yourself, love all those around you. We are all connected in this great Universe.
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Erica Tucci is a corporate manager, business owner, licensed massage therapist and a Reiki master/instructor, certified life coach, former ballet dancer and a pianist, the mother of two beautiful young men, first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an author of three books...Moms and Their Young Spirited Boys; Anything is Possible; and Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond: Second Act, New Role. However, although she has been blessed with all these wonderful experiences, most importantly, she is a woman...an emotional female creature who is finally beginning to bask in the glory of her own divinity. Erica devotes her life to her writing and her great desire to help others, primarily women, to create the radiant lives that is their birthright. She has committed to reclaiming the Divine female within herself and wishes to help other women do the same. You can find out more about her at http://www.ericatucci.com. You might also want to check out her regular free offerings at http://www.ericatucci.com/news.