Communication forms the backbone of business today. Communication increases the convincing power and thus, helps attract a good amount of customers by providing an effective response to queries in a timely fashion. The scope of advancement of business communications has increased manifolds since the inception of the idea of a Virtual PBX system. The drawbacks in the earlier communication methods have led to this advancement. The traditional PSTN phone systems suffer from a variety of hiccups which include:

• It is difficult to determine whether a person is waiting
• A specific number of phones require that particular number of phone lines
• Calling costs are quite high
• Call conferencing is not possible
• Fixed points of contact
• Lack of integration

Hosted PBX systems have evolved as a feasible solution to the above problems. The basic problem of non-integration in case of traditional phone systems has been done away with. The growing dependence of business on communication has led to the development of such modern communication facilities that could easily be availed by all types of business firms whether small, medium or large.

Virtual PBX has added new life to business conversations. These systems are increasingly becoming the heart and soul of all communications. The most essential benefits that this system encapsulates are:

Monetary Benefits: Since these systems are maintained at the site of the service providers, a good amount of monetary benefits can be achieved from Business Hosted PBX since the expenses associated with the setup and maintenance of these systems can be nullified.

Hassle-free communication: A flawless communication channel is maintained with the help of PBX systems and the advanced features offered by this system promote better management of the communications.

Reduced call costs: Using Hosted PBX VOIP can help achieve a great level of call cost reduction. International calls can be made at impressively less rates. You can save a considerable part of your normal telephony bills.

One Number: This platform allows you to maintain a single number for communication and get multiple extensions from the same number thereby eliminating the need for the client to dial a series of numbers in order to reach one free line.

Integration: Business offices that are located geographically apart can stay completely integrated all the time with Virtual PBX. This system can provide unlimited number of extensions and you can get free calling benefits between extensions no matter how far the distance between the two.

Scalability: The system is flexible to fulfill the growing business needs. You can get as many users as you want. Moreover, the cost of adding a new user is constant in terms of capital and other resources.

Mobility: The freedom to get anytime, anywhere access to business communications has enabled business firms to serve the needs of their customers 24x7 thereby making them available all the time.

Virtual PBX systems have thus proved to be a boon for business firms of all sizes, especially the entrepreneurial ones. This system provides a platform for careful investment. Even a small investment can bring great benefits. Hosted PBX systems are being widely adopted in various fields that include hospitals, schools, business firms, etc. and have changed the way that business communications take place. The feature enriched business phone enhances the capability of the business firms to deliver flawless conversations. Thus, this system is a complete package that offers integrated communication solutions.

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