A wheelchair lift is also referred to as a vertical platform lift or a platform lift and is a wholly powered machine designed to raise a wheelchair and its owner in order to rise above a vertical barrier or a step. It is important for a person using a wheelchair at your story residence or office to have access to the building as much as an abled person does. We are the wheelchair lifts louisville ky service company that offers a solution to anyone using a wheelchair either at home or in the office that has several stories to cover. Most buildings and homes are built without putting into consideration the needs of disabled people who are part and parcel of society. In order to remain relevant and resolve the situation, business owners and residential building owners need to consider installing vertical wheelchair platform lifts. At wheelchair lifts louisville ky, we offer vertical wheelchair lift that accommodates all indoor and outdoor application you can think about. Installing vertical wheelchair lifts at home or in business premises allows disabled as well as injured persons to access the buildings without any excuses.

At wheelchair lifts louisville ky, we install a wheelchair porch lift for all and any occasion. Porch lifts are also referred to as vertical wheelchair platform lifts or wheelchair lifts and they work by moving vertically between levels of buildings. Vertical platform lifts assist people using wheelchairs or walkers to travel the shortest distance between two levels inside or outside an office, home, stage, or church. Wheelchair lifts louisville ky is the company that specializes in hydraulic and screw column platform wheelchair lifts. The kind of vertical wheelchair lifts that we install are handy in design in order to fit any situation or formation. We offer vertical lift solutions whether it is an office, home or church accessibility that you are looking at! Wheelchair lifts louisville ky is the vertical wheelchair lift company near me specialist in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Ohio. We delight ourselves in offering excellent equipment and personal service, which is hard to get elsewhere. The standard features of the wheelchair vertical platform lift that we install include anti-slip flooring, self-closing doors, key-switch to prevent unauthorized use, and push buttons to call the lift.

Wheelchair lifts louisville ky is the company that works with a team of experts who are never contented until you are absolutely satisfied with your new vertical platform lift. We offer vertical platform options, and if you are searching for the perfect vertical platform lift, we got you covered. Wheelchair lifts louisville ky currently offers six types of vertical platform lifts for you to choose. We are here to assist you to settle for the best option. If you would like to learn more about our equipment or have questions about customizing vertical platform lifts, call us toll-free today wherever you are in Louisville or contact us online via our website. Wheelchair lifts louisville ky is the vertical wheelchair lift installer that you have been searching for all along. Now that you have discovered us, let us offer you the finest quality equipment and service that is beyond your imagination.

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