Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs (most common), abdomen, or heart, and is normally caused by exposure to asbestos. This toxic material was widely used in manufacturing and construction until the 1980s. The industries using asbestos to produce industrial products range from aviation to construction and from automotive to military. Due to its extensive use, there are a number of people in the United States who may have been exposed to asbestos and who are at a greater risk of developing asbestos-related cancer. Most of these people will likely know nothing about the disease until they are diagnosed with it.

What can be done?

An affected person can elect to file a lawsuit against a negligent manufacturer, or against the asbestos industry. In order to do this, it is best to engage a mesothelioma lawyer for assistance. Since these cases are quite complex in nature and are fought against big companies with high-powered attorneys of their own, the plaintiff’s lawyer must have extensive experience in this area of law as well as deep knowledge of the disease itself. Without a highly qualified mesothelioma lawyer it is far less likely that the case will be successful for the patient.

Why Experience is needed?

An experienced lawyer will have broad technical knowledge about asbestos litigation in order to better advocate for his or her clients. Success can only be managed by a competent lawyer who has years of experience in facing asbestos companies. The lawyer must have experience in gathering evidence, interviewing former employers and other key witnesses, litigating, settlement negotiations, and appeals. More experience also means that the mesothelioma lawyer will be able to build the case more quickly and efficiently and, hopefully, reach a positive outcome in a shorter amount of time so that the client doesn’t have to spend as much time dealing with the stress of a trial. When choosing the right mesothelioma lawyer or firm, patients should consider both experience and track record before making any final decisions.

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Vicky has been writing on legal subjects for nearly ten years. His information quest began when his Father was diagnosed with mesothelioma and hasn’t stopped since. With a mission to help inform other victims of mesothelioma and their families, Vicky has also been a legal student working to becoming a mesothelioma lawyer for the past few years. He believes that his duty as an Mesothelioma lawyer will be to protect and defend the rights of all victims of this terrible disease. Through his writing, he hopes to affect as many lives as positively as possible, helping to improve their outlook while lending a compassionate, helping hand.