The amazing attractions of Barcelona like the Picasso Museum, La Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas are at the top of everyone’s list when visiting their BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION. The things that can be seen in Barcelona are marvellous with plenty of sights to see and incredible vistas from the top of the nearby mountain, so ride the cable car for even more incredible sites. In a city this exciting there is almost nothing left to the imagination when visiting this Catalonian capital; its eccentricities will enthral you and memories will be flooding back long after you have returned from your Barcelona holiday.

It is not just a cultural city with amazing sites and beaches: from the moment you arrive there is a sense of freedom. It is a cosmopolitan city that allows you to move about with ease whether you are sunbathing on the many beaches or wandering around the many interesting parts of the city, the slow Spanish pace will catch you unaware. There will never be enough time to visit everything and what you will see will make you come back year after year, wondering why you never visited the first time. You could lose yourself in the parks of the city. Parc de Guell is filled with amazing sculptures and unusual buildings invented by Gaudi himself. Parc del Labirint in Horta has an intricate labyrinth delightfully designed so you can lose yourself; the architect Domenico Bagutti designed it during the 18th century.

For something completely different: “there is no darkness, only ignorance” said William Shakespeare. Although the concept has been around for a few years now and found in some of the bigger cities in Europe including London and Paris, Barcelona’s Dans le Noir is the first darkness restaurant in southern Europe with seating for around 70 people. You sit in complete darkness with your meal, your wine and your friends or family and eat using all the other senses you have except your eyes. You do however have a bar and a lounge fully lit: you choose from a menu in the first room before a blind waiter takes you through to the dining area. Once seated, you cannot leave your seat unless you call a waiter to help you: it is that dark. Dans le Noir is at Passeig Picasso 10 so for a completely new dining experience while in Barcelona why not try it out.

As mentioned before there are plenty of new experiences waiting for you and your BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION and none more so than the Museo del Mamut or, in English, the Mammoth Museum. Inside the museum you will find diverse full size reproductions and collections of bone fragments from the skeletons of prehistoric animals from beyond the last Ice Age. It was opened shortly after the last fragments were found in the village of Viladecans in 2010. Some of the exhibits were discovered in the marshes of Siberia and the museum allows you to touch the tusks or smell the skin of these incredible animals, whether the woolly rhinoceros or the giant mammoths.

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