Admit it. Even though you might feel embarrassed, you’ve flushed something you shouldn’t have down the toilet. Maybe, it went down and didn’t cause any issues. Or, maybe you thought it went down only to discover water backing up in your sink.

If you fall into category two, you’re not alone. Most people don’t realize that there are things that should never ever be flushed.

Baby Wipes

Some people may disagree, but baby wipes are actually one of the most common causes of toilet clogs. And yes, this includes the ones that are “flushable”. Although flushing one or two won’t cause significant damage, baby wipes don’t disintegrate the same way as toilet paper.

Cotton Materials

Stuff like cotton swabs, cotton pads, cotton balls, menstruation materials, and even cotton toilet paper are not safe to flush. Like baby wipes, cotton isn’t able to be broken down the same way as toilet paper. Instead, all cotton does is mold together into one big clump within your septic tank system , which can cause the overflow of a lifetime. You want to make sure you take care of your sewage system and that it's properly installed to save yourself headaches.


As funny as this may sound, there are those rare few that’s tried to flush a diaper down their commode. In fact, it’s almost impossible to flush a diaper. Similar to menstrual products, the material in the diapers cause them to expand when introduced to water. However, if for some reason you’re able to get it down the toilet, the diaper can become caught in the pipes, expand and cause a blockage.


Have you ever heard of someone flushing dental floss? Well, you have now. Although a tiny string won’t cause much harm, flushing too much floss can a lot of problems. For instance, not only will dental floss clog your pipes, it’s also able to cause damage to the environment. Floss can turn into a net, which catches and holds on to debris. Furthermore, it can wrap itself around the components of your septic system.


If you have any outdated medication, the last thing you should do is flush them down your toilet. Not only will it break down properly, it can have a toxic effect on the environment. In other words, it can contaminate the water you and others drink. Just throw out any old medication into your trash can.
The only thing you should be flushing is toilet paper. Even products labeled as flushable can cause major issues down the road. Play it safe and toss it in the trash.

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