The Advanced Work Rehab Center defines Work Hardening and Work Conditioning programs as goal-oriented and job-specific programs developed to improvise the biomechanical, cardiovascular and neuromuscular demands of the injured workers job. The Work Hardening and Work Conditioning programs make use of real or simulated work conditions to restore strength, motion, endurance, and vocational function that is required for the patient to return to work successfully. The injured worker will also be educated on techniques to prevent re-injury including risk factors and will be taught task and behavior modification if needed.

Our Physical Therapist Kelly Cooper and her acknowledged and certified rehabilitation team develops the optimal treatment plans to provide you quality care with excellent results. Early and proper intervention through targeted physical therapy is the key to minimizing lost work time.

Who Is a Candidate for Work Conditioning/Hardening Program? When determining whether an individual is a candidate for work conditioning, a variety of factors must be considered, including the physical demand of the job and successful completion of an acute physical/occupational therapy program. Injured workers with medium to heavy job demands are more appropriate candidates than those with sedentary job demands because their jobs are more physically strenuous. The worker also must be ready to begin job-specific, progressive endurance and conditioning exercises along with education about body mechanics and work safety guidelines. In addition, candidates for a work conditioning/hardening program should need minimal to no manual treatment, with modalities used “as needed.” The worker also must have demonstrated continued progression throughout the acute therapy sessions and have the motivation to return to work.

Who will benefit from the Work Hardening/Conditioning Program? The Work Hardening/Conditioning Program uses real or simulated work tasks to prepare the patient for a safe transition back into the work force and helps prevent re-injury. Firefighters, Correction Officers, FBI Agents, Police Officers, Postman, Electricians, Plumbers, Construction Workers, Healthcare Providers, Mechanics, Delivery Drivers, Painters, and any other labor intensive professionals will benefit from the Work Hardening/Conditioning Program.

What are the components of the Work Hardening/Conditioning Program?

Development of strength and endurance of the individual in relation to the return to work goal
Simulation of the critical work demands, the tasks and the environment of the job the worker will return to
Education that stresses body mechanics, work pacing, safety and injury prevention and that promotes worker responsibility and self-management
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The Advanced Work Hardening Clinic is one of the pre-eminent clinics where patients’ care, well-being and safe return to work are our foremost priorities. We develop individualized and goal-oriented programs to promote and expedite workers’ successful return to the job after an injury or illness.

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