Life is a many splendid things. Yet many people travel through their lives not experiencing the very best that life has to offer. They have no idea or concept about how magnificent life can be. One of the numerous reasons for this behavior and mindset is that many people do not look forward to experiencing the very best life has to offer, is due to their very low expectations for themselves and life in general. They are or were programmed to think and act in a certain way regarding their expectations, by corporate America, their friends, their parents, their environment, the news media; and the list goes on and on. Others feel they are entitled to and expect the best in life, simply by them being who they are (not good). Experiencing and anticipating the most amazing things in living is not necessarily having the most luxurious home, large sums of monies in a bank or being invested, the biggest yacht, or taking lavish trips and vacations, they are only a very small part of life’s equation. It is mainly about experiencing and anticipating the priceless intangibles in life, such as building great relationships between a wife and a husband, friends, religious relationships, family, involvement in your community, a lifestyle of freedom of choice, philanthropy, and the list goes on and on. In this article I will suggest to you THREE ways to assist you in continuously raising your expectations for you, which can help you to constantly experience the very best that life has to offer beginning today.
First things first, you must have a major paradigm shift in the way you think. All of your actions begin with your thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious. Establish a positive, progressive, and optimistic mindset and look forward to positive events and good things to begin happening for you in your life. Do not settle or accept the mundane, the ordinary, the negative, and the status quo regarding your quality of life. This concept is so very eloquently and aptly stated by the bestselling author and internationally renowned mentor of consciousness, Shakti Gawain and I quote “When we create something, we always create it in a thought form. If we are basically positive in attitude, and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations”.
Raise your positive standards of what you hope for yourself. You are much more capable of succeeding than what you give yourself credit for. Begin really believing constantly in your unlimited positive capability. You can do exponentially more to improve any relationship or situation that you are currently in. Simply put forth a concerted effort to constantly move progressively forward.
Do not live your life expectations vicariously through someone else’s life. It may make you feel better about yourself temporally, but you are only deceiving you. Take ownership of your life, not theirs. Don’t be an observer, or spectator, get in the game and play, and play to win, and you can really win, don’t down play or under estimate your awesome untapped potential.
In summary expecting and experiencing the very best life has to offer is your responsibility and no one else’s. It should transcend your material possessions and bolster your progressive relationships and your progressive lifestyle. Change your way of thinking and that will change your behavior. Don’t let anyone under no circumstances set your expectations for your life, not your friends, not your family, not corporate America, the news media, and the list can go on and on. Constantly raise your standards about your what life has to offer you and achieve them. Don’t let anything or anyone prevent you from attaining your higher expectations for you. Your life will begin to reveal itself in a much more splendid and fulfilling way. Don’t live your life through vicariously through someone else’s. Get in the game and play, and play to win for your life’s fulfillment. If you feel you have benefited in some form or fashion by reading this article, suggest to a loved one, friend, or whoever to read it also.

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Paul has devoted his life to helping one thousand people who are committed to taking control of their lives in every aspect by the first day of 2014.