You have decided to work hard on rebuilding a life that you are happy with. You understand the process ahead of you and realise that it will require commitment and hard work. You have set some goals. It is time to act, but you have normal fear about making big changes. Will others still like me? Will my life become boring? And more.
There is a promise I know from experience, both personal and those I've worked with; while life will not be trouble free, you will face it with serene confidence.
My problems haven't gone away just because I'm on the path of recovering a life I really want.
The truth is, they've increased, because I am facing issues and myself; not hiding...
But it's a joy to fearlessly face the problems with serene confidence that the answer will intuitively come.
I heard this and initially did not buy in. To face problems without fear and with the peacefulness inside and self-confidence that I could handle what life through my way; what a liberating experience!!
Is it worth it? To me the answer is an emphatic yes. Well into my journey of life recovery; well after active addictions were gone and self-confidence and self-esteem had returned, I had issues thrown at me that were as tough, if not tougher, than anything I had faced in my past. The wonderful thing; I was able to handle them intuitively and with serene confidence. They were tough, but there certainly was light at the other end. You can expect the same if you really want it. It is promised.
If you have some realistic unfulfilled expectations of yourself, but need some help to get moving forward, feel free to contact me at in total confidence with your phone number and contact time. There is no charge for our conversation and where you go from that conversation is up to you.

Thought to Ponder . . .We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

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