The purpose of the study of Science is to accurately explain how the universe functions. Physics is a branch of Science that studies matter and motion by unravelling the nature of energy. It is incredible to think how the earth is suited to life. We tend to claim that earth has oxygen, carbon dioxide, sunlight and water, which is why it supports life. But that is not all. There is a dimension that involves advanced Physics which is fundamentally crucial to the life supporting mechanism in earth. It is not known at the moment whether life exists elsewhere but maybe over time in the future we may find out. When we talk about time and future we are fundamentally delving into Physics. Thinkers in the past have delved into two fundamental aspects of existence and they are meaning and perception. A part of Physics like the Sciences is based on the information received through sensory data. A part of it is an application of Mathematics which explores the significance of numerical data.

The study of Physics will get you to think about the basis of meaning and perception. It will make you ask questions that will open up the horizons of your thought. We need energy to move, act, think and discover. How does this energy work? This question will drive you to find answers with limited knowledge. To increase your knowledge you will need to understand the fundamentals of Physics. Your online tutor has to go into the depths of what it is that you need to understand to answer the question of how energy works. Usually when the subject is taught there is a methodology that is strictly adhered to. But in order to get students thinking, your tutor will have to involve you in the fundamental questions of the universe and life. There are two approaches; one is to move from the details and definitions to construct the big picture and the other is to move from the big picture to the details.

Students need to be made to relate to Physics and each person may have a different way of approaching it. He/she may try to outline the big picture of energy, motion and time and work his/her way through to the details. For some it may be the other way round. It does not matter because however unstructured an approach may be your tutor must bring about a synergy in your understanding of Physics. See how Physics expands your mind by motion, force and energy.

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