It has recently come to my attention that my bucket list needs a revision. Unlike my never-ending to-do list, I find that I scratch off completed items as I explore the world, but I have never sat down with my bucket list to really think outside the box to add to it.

I have a long list that mostly focuses on travel to specific places or points of interest. It is now shorter from years of travel. Reviewing what had been completed was gratifying and made me very appreciative of all the blessings I have received. Taking a walk down travel memory lane was filled with happiness. In fact, one of my bucket list items changed my life. You see, I had sailing in the Caribbean on the list. After dashing that off the list with a crewed yacht charter, it sent me into a life I could not have imagined. I now own a yacht charter business…so be careful as you fulfill your bucket list! You never know what can happen.

But as I reviewed my travel wish list, I realized that what was missing from my bucket list were more experiences like sailing. That was one of the few experiences I had on the list among all the places and points of interest. For sure, those were experiences, too, but trying new things was something I had not focused on. So here are a few things I added to my list after this realization…perhaps they are missing from your bucket list?

Cross the Atlantic in a Boat

OK, so this one is not too far from the life-changing "sail in the Caribbean". But, hey, if it worked then, it should be better this time! But, actually crossing the Atlantic is more about conquering fear and feeling adventurous than the romantic notion of a luxury yacht charter [] in the calm waters of the Caribbean. So it is definitely bucket list material.

Zorb on Water

This is probably, also, more about overcoming anxiety than pleasure. Being encased in an oversized hamster ball on water is fraught with the perils of claustrophobia and the unnatural sensation of walking (probably more like falling down) on water. I had heard of this in New Zealand, but was surprised to find that I might not have to travel far for this escapade as amazingly, you can water zorb in Pidgeon Forge in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, USA.

Dine in the Sky

I seem to have a pattern here of conquering fears as I add things to my list. Dining in the sky could prove difficult while dangling almost 20 stories above the ground. But perhaps I can cajole my family into standing and dining by my side to help alleviate the stress and boost the fun. Having only recently become aware of such an option, it completely intrigues me. I am thinking of combining this bucket list item with visiting Monte Carlo. But surprisingly, there appear to be many places in the world that offer you this extreme dining experience.

So there you have it, my latest revisions to a long bucket list. I hope you take the inspiration to do the same to stretch your creativity. If you have not done so before, I encourage you to think of your bucket list in a broader sense to include many different kinds of experiences. You just never know what you will discover about yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Kathy Cannon is a lifelong lover of travel especially travel that involves fine wine and cuisine. She is the owner of a yacht charter at where she enjoys sharing her love of sailing with others.