The Glute, it’s time to focus on this neglected muscle group to get faster, stronger and possibility even more attractive. It is generally agreed that the glutes, they are those muscles which you sit on every day, and in a way one of the most important muscle group in your body, especially if you are a sports person. As they are involved in sprinting, throwing, lunging and grappling. However, most peoples are barely even activated properly and they’re usually woefully undertrained, maybe because they are covered up most of the time.
It’s not that hard to incorporate glute based activity to your general workout, and with one effective move to your workout, can get things firing down stairs. Almost to the point of an immediate increase in speed and explosiveness.
One such movement or exercise is the Glute Bridge, a hugely effective exercise for building a firm and functional set of glutes. This weighted hip thrust allows you to move heavy plates for increased glute activation. Do it once a week on a different day from your squats. It works because causes more glute activation than a one rep max in the squat. Loading it up will allow you to work this vital muscle group even harder.
Another exercise is the double-bench bridge; this variation uses a pair of benches to allow greater range of motion. Although it’s mainly a glute move, it can be used to injury proof your hamstring. Finally the one leg glute bridge, for the easiest variation of the bridge use both feet, but step it up to this unilateral version for extra glute activation and keep your body balanced.
For more detailed description of each exercise please visit the Smart Physical Workout exercise and workout page. If you need to increase your vertical jump, sprit starts, lunges or overall look of your glutes then start with these exercises and modify as you see fit. Also remember that according to a recent survey, the opposite sex is more impressed by a fine set of glutes than any other body part, including six pack abs and biceps.

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