The brain is a muscle which needs to be nourished just like the rest of the body. The brain needs nutrition and oxygen just like the rest of the human body. If the cells are not fed they will atrophy and die. When we exercise the rest of the body the heart pumps blood to the entire body including the brain. The blood flowing to the brain feeds the brain with oxygen and nutrients while it removes waste products. This is vitally important to brain function and is an overlooked aspect of brain condition.

I believe that the athlete has the mental advantage because of this. There is no way that regular exercise can be anything but beneficial to the human brain. Muscle cells will atrophy without exercise and brain cells need to be exercised also. I am from the school which believes that there is really no way to overload the brain. I just believe that we have not unlocked the true potential of the human mind and there really is no way that we can stretch our minds enough to reach our true potential.

I like to stretch the minds of the children in my life. Most parents will use the, don’t touch mantra over and over again. I believe that children are curious by nature and should be allowed some kind of freedom to explore their environment. I believe that we should make the children understand the parameters under which they can operate. The brain has an amazing capacity to grasp new concepts and childhood is the time to begin to teach children how to utilize their minds.

One way to exercise the brain is to multitask. There is a saying that if you really want something done give it to a busy man. The person who uses more of their brain power develops the capacity to use even more. We develop abilities as we operate in different areas. The brain like regular muscle develops and stretches in the areas in which it is put to use.

The high paid executive is efficient at problem solving not only because he utilizes his problem solving abilities everyday. Now I know that there are some who are naturally good at problem solving but exercising your capabilities certainly helps. The batter with the high batting average has some natural ability but he also has to put in many hours of practice in order to hone that skill

I like to give children mental problems to solve which will force them to utilize their minds to think and solve problems. Jigsaw and word puzzles are good in this respect and chess is the perfect activity to teach young people to utilize their minds.

We can all help ourselves by broadening our interests and activities in life. You are never too old to learn and the wise person understands this. When I read the proverbs which were written by King Solomon I noticed that he even wrote about the behavior of ants and grasshoppers. This indicates that the wisest man who ever lived spent much of his time studying even the insects. This indicates to me that this wise king was mentally active and involved in every aspect of life.

One of my favorite sayings is that the wise man is a man who understands that he can learn from anyone and anything regardless of their social standing in life or their social status. Let’s take a lesson from the wisest man who ever lived. Riceland Enterprises

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Cedric Rice is the founder of Riceland Enterprises, which is composed of several different business ventures. This company is currently located in Georgia.
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