In today’s world, it is not uncommon for one to have a gym membership, or to at least take part in some kind of exercise. One reason for this is that this is an area of life that is seen as something that can’t be overlooked.

No matter how old one is, they may have been told on a number of occasions that it is vital for people to do something every week. In fact, they may have been told that it will be better for them to engage in some kind of excise a few times a week.

A General Approach

When it comes to what they will do each week, it can all depend on what they are trying to achieve, and if they enjoy exercising. If one simply wants to stay in shape, they could end up doing something twice a week.

But if they wanted to take part in a marathon or something similar, they could end up doing something every other day. One could do the same thing each time, or they could have a few different routines.

Variety is The Spice Of life

Fortunately, there are so many things for one to choose from, and so there will be no reason for them to get bored. For example, if they have had enough of going to the gym, they could join a class instead.

Yet if they no longer wanted to stay indoors, they could go for a run or a bike right outside, for instance. One can listen to their own needs and do whatever suits them, and this can make it easier for them to keep going.


In addition to this, when they change what they do it can have a positive effect on their fitness levels. One will be doing something that they haven’t done before and their body will have to adapt.

And, if they were to change their muscle building routine, this can also allow their muscles to grow faster. This is because their body may have adapted to what they were doing and now it will have to adjust to the new routine.

Part of Life

If one was to look into the time they put into this area of their life, they may find what it is not something that has taken over their life. This could then be something that is just another area of their life.

As a result of this, one is not going to neglect other areas of their life, and it could be said that this will be the right approach to have. After all, one this is not supposed to be something that will end up consuming whole their life.

A Profession

Naturally, if one was a professional athlete, this would be something that takes over their life. But even if this was the case, it doesn’t mean they would be exercising everyday; there are still going to be moments when they will rest.

Regardless of whether one is an athlete or someone who simply wants to look after themselves, it will be important for them to give their body a rest. This will give their body a chance to repair and to build more muscle.

Another Part

And while there is the effect that exercise has on one’s physical health and appearance, there is also the effect it has on how they feel. If this wasn’t the case and one only experienced pain when they exercised, it would probably be a lot harder for them to keep doing it.

Of course, there would still be the effect it has on their health and how they look, but they wouldn’t get the same boost. Without this, one would be completely dependent on their willpower to push them through each time.


As exercise has an effect on someone’s mental and emotional health, it is not surprising that this is something that is often recommended to people who find it hard to feel good. When one exercises, they could find that it makes them feel good, and this could play a big part in why they do it.

However, once they have finished excising and they gradually return to how they felt before, it might not be hard for them to handle. What this could show is that they generally don’t feel low or depressed.

A Different Experience

This can then be a time when they will be in touch with what is taking place in their head and their body, and they could find that they typically feel good and at peace, for instance. On the other hand, if one is in a position where they only feel good when they exercise, it is going to be a lot harder for them to handle.

It can be as if they were on one side of the emotional spectrum at one point and on the other side at another. When this doesn’t happen, one can go from one side of it and come back down to the middle.

A Big Difference

Another way of looking at it would be to say that when one exercises, it will allow them to feel human or normal. It is then not that they exercise in order to feel high; they do it so that they can experience life in the same way that other people do.

Therefore, through feeling so low, one can see exercise as the only way to change how they feel. It is often said that the reason someone like this would be addicted to exercise is because they lack willpower.


This person is then mentally weak; whereas the people who don’t get addicted to it are mentally strong. When in reality, it could come down to the fact that this persons brain is not working as it should.

If one can relate to this, it might be a good idea for them to reach out for external support. They could speak to their doctor about this or they could see a therapist, for instance.

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