Research recently reported in the Monitor on Psychology shows that aerobic exercise not only significantly improves health and wards off disease, but it also may prevent—and even reverse—cognitive (thinking) functions. New neurons and neuron connections develop, which favorably impact general intelligence, logic, verbal ability and visuospatial ability.

These amazing findings are not just on a few individuals. The researchers looked at records of 1.2 million, 18-year-old Swedish men, between 1968 and 1994. These men all had enlisted for mandatory military service. So, the mandatory exercise required in the military could have the side benefit of enhancing cognitive abilities of soldiers, and if they maintain exercise as part of their lives when they leave the military, these benefits will continue.

More recent research examples showed that once older folks were able to begin an exercise program many were able to ward off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researcher’s concluded that “At the worst, exercise is going to give you a healthier body… At the best, it will help some people gain a cognitive capacity they don’t possess right now. But bottom line, everyone will benefit in the end.”

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