Hiring a candidate to fill a vacant C-suite, executive or senior-level position is a decision which can affect every level of management and team member. It is crucial to onboard the most relevant and top-performing candidate to ensure your organisation doesn’t suffer from the negative consequences of a bad hire.

Because sourcing and hiring for leadership and management roles requires skill and experience to get right, many businesses choose to outsource to executive search firms in Melbourne instead.

So, when is it the right time to consider outsourcing to an executive search firm?

Hiring for a highly impactful position

C-suite and executive positions such as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) are obviously very impactful positions and play a critical role in an organisation. As senior and executive positions contain a high level of influence and responsibility, the importance of making a good hiring choice becomes paramount.

The result of a bad hiring choice being made can lead to devastating consequences. This can involve the newly hired candidate deciding to leave the company due to personal reasons, teams becoming divided due to a lack of leadership and company resources being wasted.

Needing to discreetly fill an executive position

Many vacant senior-level, C-suite and executive positions are filled discreetly and are kept confidential to the public and employees. However, the search for candidates can sometimes be overlooked by business leaders. This can involve calling on behalf of the company when conducting an internal search, which results in alerting employees and other levels of management that an important change is currently happening within the organisation.

To avoid this from happening, executive search firms in Melbourne can contact potential candidates externally and internally without being required to discuss the identity of the company. The entire hiring process is handled discreetly with strict confidentiality. This gives organisations complete control over the hiring process and can decide to officially announce any updates or news regarding the position on their own terms.

Filling a newly created position

Hiring for a newly created executive position is difficult because there isn’t a point of reference or previous benchmark for determining what specific skill sets, industry experience or personality traits are required. This is also true when needing to restructure or rebuild an already existing executive role.

As the ideal solution, an executive search firm can provide the required guidance from their wealth of experience. Their headhunters work closely with their clients to fully understand the complexities of the role. This information allows them to create personas of what an ideal candidate must look like.

They identify the key personality traits, previous industry experience, qualifications and skill sets the ideal candidate must possess in order to effectively step into and manage the position. This means that the chosen candidate will also help the business to develop and enhance the new role over time.

Don’t risk making a bad hiring choice. Reach out to the leading executive search firms in Melbourne and discover how their headhunters can assist your specific needs today.

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