Each month, in Gentle Rain Affluent Marketing Inc, you can share insights on strategies, positioning and branding that are crucial for attracting ultra-wealthy clients. The following are some of the things you will learn:
• “Client Experience” is the key point of differentiation between just another advisor, and one who obviously caters to the needs of the wealthy.
• How to do business with you signifies something that the affluent market respects.
• Traditional financial seminars don't attract the affluent and ultra-affluent. But there are alternatives worth exploring. These creative approaches can be duplicated virtually in any market.
• Waldron Wealth Management (ranked #3 as America’s best independent financial advisor by Barron’s); you will notice that their marketing message is in perfect sync with one of the top three motivations of the affluent market. Do you know the other two? Does your marketing message match with one (or more) of them?
• Backdoor strategies: How to get on the radar screen by creatively linking with the passions and hobbies of the affluent.
• How to align yourself with what is of profound interest to the affluent market.
• How to appeal to the affluent boomers.
• Which social networks do you want to participate in that attract the ultra-affluent client?
• Affluent Boomers are more attune to language than other markets. This is the language that the affluent market respects, and this is what you want to avoid.
• Buying mailing lists of the affluent. Can direct mail possible work? The answer is “Yes”, but buying the list is the easy part. Determining what to send is the greater challenge. This is what works. This is what doesn’t.
• What virtues does the affluent market hold in the highest regard?
• The 7 areas of insecurity that the affluent market doesn’t want you to know about.
• Where you need to be. What you need to read.
• How the press and PR fit into your overall strategy.
• The role of advertising. It plays a role in the overall relationship building strategy, but only if it’s used in a manner consistent with the expectations (and concerns) of the affluent.
• “Take Away Selling” in a highly subtle, yet extremely effective fashion. This is how the most successful advisors do it.
• How to develop a unique value proposition that resonates with an elite group of savvy and sophisticated clients.
• The affluent market expects that you should be able to “anticipate” their needs. They look for signs of this capability during the “getting to know you” process.
• Many financial advisors dream about “bumping into” ultra-affluent clients. Why not turn that daydream into reality?
• How do you orchestrate an ongoing communication strategy that keeps you top of mind while building trust and credibility? Here’s how to do that.
• And much more…
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Author's Bio: 

Mark Satterfield, founder and CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing Inc who shared many thoughts on affluent marketplace. Gentle Rain Marketing Inc. was founded in 1992 and it is the premier boutique-marketing firm to financial and insurance advisors on affluent marketing.
For more details, please visit - http://www.gentlerainaffluentmarketing.com