With the advent of the new year as 2018 begins its new life, so will a number of happy couples tying the knot and embarking on the adventures of Marriage. With a new year’s beginning also begins some exciting wedding decor trends of 2018. This means that Wedding Planners in Lucknow and everywhere else have their work cut out for them. The wedding day is the most important day in their life most women will confess, and therefore, Wedding Decorators in Lucknow need to bring their A-game to mark the auspicious ceremonies.

Wedding planners in Lucknow or anywhere else will tell you that you would rather not be on the wrong side of the bride on her wedding day and thus they stay on their toes to keep abreast of the latest Wedding Decor trends and become a maverick Marriage Planner.

So, without further ado, here are some of the latest Wedding Decor trends in for the 2018 season:

Vintage White and Gold Themes

Experienced marriage planners swear by the White and Gold theme like no other coz you can hardly go wrong with this suave and regal arrangement. When coupled tastefully with chic drapes and accessories such as hanging mirrors or White Floral Arrangements, they can truly lend an aristocratic feel to the decor.

Fairy Lights

Most Indian wedding ceremonies are evening affairs and lighting these events poses a nutty challenge to the event planners. You run the risk of having gaudy and unseemly lighting arrangements spoil the show if you’re not creative and sensible. However, you can always bet on elegant lighting and a serene ambience with Fairy Lights. When done correctly they can appear to be quite magical. If your venue has no roof, you can tie fairy lights of different colours horizontally to give the effect of a starry ceiling!

Decor Props

Kitschy props are being used quite frequently by innovative Marriage planners to lend a novelty look to the wedding do. From text cutouts to elaborately decorated fruit paraphernalia, when done tastefully and moderately, props can turn ordinary venues into lit photo op and selfie destinations!


Surprised? Well, so were we. At WHY was this never a thing earlier? Origami was traditionally used to decorate houses and homesteads in Japan with a hobby that had an aura of class and patience about it. From Paper Boats and streamers to elaborate birds and mythical creatures(read Cupid!), Origami can transform your wedding into a ceremony even a Royal Wedding Planner would be envious of.

So, if you’re getting married in 2018, ask your Marriage and Event Planner to incorporate these wedding decor trends into your decor. Congratulations for the impending nuptials!

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