Greek life allows you to form connections and have fun in college campus and in universities like Yale. You also get to be part of meaningful philanthropic initiatives and public programs. Fraternities and sororities at Yale have strong chapters that make a positive difference on campuses and help students network and make all-important connections that last for a lifetime.

But of course, the most outstanding and amazing feature of Greek life in universities is the rocking parties you get to attend. Frat parties are notorious for being all about alcohol, drugs and sex, but you may want to keep it toned down a bit this year what with all the brickbats frats have been getting.

You may have reasons why you do not want to go Greek, but without being a part of this robust social system you do miss out on a lot of head-swimming fun. It is not the only way to socialize on a campus, but it is worth your time, effort and to an extent, money to choose Greek lifestyle.
Here are a few fabulous things that you must know about Greek life and parties.

Greek System in Yale

A large majority of students are not part of Greek system in Yale, but that said students in fraternities and sororities are really active on the campus and drive philanthropic and extra-curricular initiatives. You will also be able to join Greek chapters that are more focused towards sports if that’s your area of interest.

Getting into one will not be very difficult if you rush fraternities or sororities where you know you will fit in and will have fun. Otherwise it will be a waste of time for you as well others. Get to know about the various frats and sororities in Yale. Look up discussions on college boards or students’ forums to know which are the most and the least popular.


If you are already a part of a fraternity or a sorority, then it must be all about having the most fun in college this year. And how can that happen without the hosting the hippest house party in town?

Frat parties are the best to attend because you will not get to enjoy ever-flowing booze at sorority events, so obviously there are a lot of Greek and well as non-Greek students going to turn up at your doorsteps this party season. Guys who are not part of fraternities envy the frat brothers and, till date, girls stay the topmost reason why guys want to go Greek in college.

Rush Sensibly

Greek way of life is not for everyone. You need to be willing to commit time towards house initiatives and strive to see fundraisers and volunteering campaigns succeed. You also must enjoy hanging out with your sisters or brothers with whom you should ideally share great vibes. So it all boils down again to the fact that you should rush sensibly and make a sound choice in the end.

Make a shortlist of fraternities or sororities that you want to join and attend the Greek Night and Rush Day events. You will be able to make out frats and sororities that you want to rush with within a few minutes of interaction. Some you may find weird and awkward, do not hesitate to strike them off the list of fraternities/sororities you want to join. And stop attending any more of their events.

Most conversations will be in a casual tone and the brother who is rushing you basically wants to know whether you are a cool, sociable and smart guy who will be an asset to their frat. Do not bad-mouth other fraternities and stay away from potentially polarizing topics like religion, politics, sexual orientation etc., you have just met the person sitting across you. And do not lie, because chapters find out fairly easily.

If you get invited for private events after the rush day, it means the said fraternities or sororities are interested in bidding for you. Make sure you attend the events to show the frats that you are keen on them as well.

You will be extended a bid to pledge by fraternities/sororities you have pursued and you will have a few days to make up your mind which one to join. Do not be disheartened if you not get a bid from your #1 preference, try again next time or go with your second best frat or sorority of choice.

Gear up for the Parties

Frat parties at Yale are in a league of their own, with many even ending up as newspaper headlines. But all college events fare best when there is not too much of public scrutiny on them.

Free booze, deafening music, jam-packed college students, blinking neon lights and new-found freedom combine to make many a freshman lose his or her reason.

Drink sensibly and do not leave your drink unattended, especially if you are a freshman sorority girl. There is no reason to drink every drink that is offered to you and participate in partner games like beer pong only if you have the alcohol capacity.

Dress up for the party though and know how to rock a frat party. Wearable neon accessories are trending now, so grab the latest frat gear and you are ready to go. LED sunglasses and shutter shades are cool, and so are frat party t-shirts for women. They also make for really awesome college gift ideas.


Choose the right frat to join and ensure that you are a part of all the fun that happens. If you party hard, and do not forget studies totally, college will give you the best memories. So go ahead, rush this spring and decide to go Greek for the rest of your college life.

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