Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.
Edward de Bono

I have always found it fascinating discovering new things, or figuring out new ways of handling a situation that was not working, or trying something new to solve an old problem that kept repeating itself.

It is amazing what we can come up with when we are open to letting new ideas and thoughts enter our space. It is also a great gift to recognize that there is something new to discover everyday and if we are aware of that, it can only enhance our life and our well-being.

The choice to become more open to your inner self and to you intuition would be a wise one. When we take the time to quiet our minds and listen to our inner voice we can be more and more delightfully surprised at the solutions to problems we already have, if we only take the time to tap into our thoughts.

It is also wonderful to learn a new way of doing something, or to learn a new skill or think creatively to think of more ways then one to achieve a certain goal.

And we should all receive the gift of seeing something beautiful for the first time. The joy of your significant other’s face after achieving something they wanted to achieve, the smile on a child’s face after they got that double scoop of ice cream, or the joyful contentment after sharing something new with people who are important and special in your life. Or last but not least, both you and your partner discovering together the solution to a problem that has been putting a damper on your relationship.

The point is simple, be open to new ways and new solutions to solving your existing problems. If you cannot think of solutions, brainstorm with someone and come up with new solutions, then put them into action and see how it goes. If it works great, if it does not, then go to solution number two, continue until the problem is solved.

Also it is important to realize that being open to doing new things is very good for adding spunk into your life. To stick with the same routine over and over again leaves no room to enjoy and explore something that you may like, such as a new restaurant, or reading a different type of book then you usually do and loving it, or trying new foods you never tasted before, only to discover it is something that tastes really good. All of this and a lot more can be a great way to naturally add more excitement to your life.

Be open to the new this week and see what enters your life that you are absolutely ecstatic about. Also explore the many ways to solve any problem that you may have. Without the willingness to experiment, to discover new ways to solve problems, or to overcome a challenge, we could not grow into our best selves.
When we try something and fail, it helps empower us to become creative and look for new ways of achieving our goal, or to think of a better way to make something we care about work. Always be positive and creative, know that you can discover many ways of solving a problem.

Also remember to take the time to tap into your intuition and to look around you at all the beautiful amazing gifts that are in this world for your eyes to see.

©Lori Snyder

Author's Bio: 

Lori Snyder partners with people who are ready to begin moving their lives in a forward direction. I believe that each person hold within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into, can help them to create positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one.

Lori has a degree in Sociology, and is a Certified Executive/Empowerment Coach; she is also an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach. Lori received this certification from IPEC School of Coaching. She is also a successful speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and entrepreneur.

Lori was a columnist for The Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women. And she also was on the advisory board for Newsday s Wellness Magazine; she acted as their Personal Development Coach, and also enjoyed doing a 6 month feature with the magazine, she was also featured in More magazine, and Generations magazine,and several others. Lori can be reached at or 516-708.9261.