Ex Wants To Be Friends I Want More: Ex Wants To Be Friends after No Contact

You have been dumped and now you are wondering "should I be friends with my ex?" You have good reason to think about this seriously and come up with the right answer. I have been right where you are now and I had to figure things out on my own fast. Here is what I came up with.

Your ex boyfriend or girlfriend does not think you are good enough as a significant other so why would he/she insist on keeping you around as a friend? Now it could very well be that your ex likes you and likes being in your company but let's consider another possibility.

What if the real reason was that your ex wanted to keep you as a back-up plan - a Plan B - just in case he/she does not find anyone else or just in case a new relationship does not work out? What if it is just a question of making sure you are still into them like an ego boost? What if it is just to keep tabs on you to make sure that no one else has you even though they do not want you?

Do you see how you are giving your ex the power to control you and your emotions? Do you see how you have handed your self-respect over to your ex on a silver platter?

You cannot let your ex do this and expect to have him/her crazy about you enough to want you back. You will NEVER build the type of attraction needed to get him/her devoted to you and only you in future.

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When it comes to getting your ex back, you can make them beg for you back and you can also make them burn with curiosity and jealousy. The more you do, the more it's going to bug them until you are theirs again.

Make it Look Simple

If your ex sees that you are unhappy and miserable, they are going to know you want them back. Making it look as if you are better off without them is going to drive them bananas. Making them see you are happy is the trick to getting them at your feet.

Become Popular

Find more friends and hang out more. The more you are with other people the more they are going to wish they were still with you. The more people that know you, the more they want to come back and share that with you.

Get Opposite Sex Friends

By having friends that are the opposite sex, your ex is going to be burning inside to have you on their arm again. By having others interested in you, it's going to make your ex see what a good person they had.

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Bump Into Them

When you are on a date with someone, make sure you make it possible to bump into them so they see you. Make it seem as if you are having he time of your life with that person and your ex is going to be calling you and trying to get back together with you.

Don't Talk About Them

Your x is going to be waiting for you to start talking about them to other people but at all costs do not even mention their name. This is going to make you a nicer person to be around and your ex is going to be jealous as you don't need them.

Enjoy Other Things

Instead of sitting around and waiting for them to call or text you, go out with friends or even family. Have a good time and don't put your life on hold for them. Your ex wants to know you are sad and depressed. By doing the complete opposite they are going to be wondering why you aren't.

Appear Happy

While you may be dying inside and wanting our ex back, the happier your ex sees you, the faster they will try to get in touch with you again and try to work things out with ou, and in reality, that's what you want. Being happy is the ticket to them coming back.

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Do not sit around feeling hopeless, thinking that all chance of reconnecting with your ex are lost - they aren't! Right now, you want more than anything to make your ex fall for you again, right? Well, you did it a first time around when the two of you began dating, so you are going to need to look back on that time to figure out how to rekindle those early feelings and make your ex fall for you again.

Chances are, you have changed over the course of the relationship. Perhaps you put on a few pounds - and your ex LOVED your body, or have let your appearance go as you got more and more comfortable in the relationship. Perhaps your attitude has changed. To make your ex fall for you again, you will need to figure out what about you as changed - whether physically or mentally - and do something about these changes! If he or she liked you as you were, try to get back to where you were. Simple as that!

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So rather than moping around, depressed and dejected, take matters into your own hands and do something about it.

First and foremost, you need to clear your head and release the negative emotions that are associated with the breakup. It's over and done, move past it! Find an outlet that you can use to help you get your emotions back on track - a spa treatment, a good book, a run with a friend, it doesn't matter what you do - because this is a vital necessity if you want to make your ex fall for you again.

Once you're back on track emotionally, work on the other things. Join a gym or get a walking buddy to help you shed those extra pounds. Get a makeover or try a new look and boost your self-confidence while making your ex crazy with desire. Kick those negative behaviors that they found to be a turn off, and then try to make contact. Want to know if you've been successful in your plans to make your ex fall for you? Just watch their reaction and it'll speak volumes!

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So you have broken up and are getting the silent treatment. Your ex is so ticked at you they have totally turned their back on you! How can you get your ex back when they are ignoring you?

Remember everybody is different and everybody handles things their own way. It is sometimes harder to forgive and forget. All they can see is the negative in the past. All the fights and arguments and mean things said.

No matter how you both are reacting to the situation, you need to get information and inform yourself what is actually going on then two can play the game! Help your ex emotionally by not calling them or contacting them. Let them take the steps to start healing without nobody interfering.

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While you are being ignored, work on yourself. Go back to school and learn something new. Apply for a promotion at work or finally quit that job you hate so much. Maybe you took the job just so you could help keep you both on your feet.

You are on your own now. Follow your dreams! Start your own business or learn a new hobby. Focus only on you. The more positive your attitude, the more you will succeed. Show to your ex your life has improved.

Your ex will start hearing and seeing these things. Maybe a friend called or stopped by and gently mentioned you.They hear that you have a brand new job and he or she is so proud of you. Your ex will be so proud of you! They will see you care about yourself.

Pretty soon it will drive your ex crazy and they will have to see these things they are hearing. They will not be ignoring you anymore! They will be curious and want to talk to you soon!

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