Ex Texted Me To Say Hi: My Ex Texted Me Should I Reply

If you've ever wanted to find a way to text your ex back after a breakup, then most relationship experts will crush your enthusiasm. Most experts tell you that sending text messages to your ex after a breakup is a big no-no (I've been guilty of this myself).

So, are they right?

I think they have your best interest at heart because there is some truth to not texting your ex after a breakup... at least not for a while. But to ignore texting your ex altogether is misguided advice that keeps you from using the most powerful form of communication you have in today's technologically advanced world... your cell phone.

You see, it's not the texting itself that's bad. The problem is most people text the wrong things and try to text an ex back in the wrong way.

When you try to text your ex back in the wrong way, you risk completely ruining the relationship. This is why most relationship experts tend to advise against sending text messages to your ex. It reduces the risk of things turning really ugly, but it also handicaps your recovery efforts.

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Even simple texts like "Hi", "Yo", "Wassup", or "How's it going?" can be harmful when they aren't sent with a specific purpose in mind. Michael Fiore, author of Text Your Ex Back, calls these "nothing texts" because they basically say nothing and sound like they were written by a 19 year old frat boy.

But texting does have its advantages...

How To Get Your Ex Back - The Advantages Of Texting

* Texting is personal, private, and intimate.

* Texting is nonconfrontational and unobtrusive.

* Texting allows you to stop and think about what to say before you say it.

* Texting allows you to rebuild attraction at your own pace, in your own time.

* Texting gives you access to your ex you may not otherwise have.

* Texting makes it easier to say how you truly feel. Many people find it easier to text something than to say it on the phone or in person.

* Texting gives you a greater chance of being heard. Your ex may not answer if you call, but chances are they will read your texts even if they don't respond.

People are addicted to their cell phones. They have them with them 24/7. This gives you incredible access to your ex and an amazing opportunity to reconnect and open their mind and heart to the possibility of being with you again.

But your ability to text your ex back will be determined by how you approach and respond to your ex through the text messages you send.

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You needn't start a rage and chase your ex on the streets throwing rocks at them. That is an obviously foolish thought because of your anger. Admit it: you still love your ex despite the fact that you've been badly hurt and deep down inside you, you'd do anything to have your ex back.

However, making your ex lover regret anything right now is pointless. He/she is still upset and also deeply hurt by what happened. Bad things have come out of your mouths at uncontrolled anger moments and now look at you: broken and alone, craving for your lost love. This is a typical scenario of two people who love each other dearly but end up hurting each other badly.

So how can you make things right again?

Simple questions have simple answers: stay away for a while. You are so blinded by your negative emotions that you can't see the point in that, but you are willing to give it a try anyway. Believe me, you'll be glad you did so! There is a lot of tension between you and your ex right now and it all needs to go away before you can even think of speaking to each other again. So wait for it to vanish in time. Meanwhile, there are a whole bunch of things that you need to try out. When was the last time you've been out with your friends? Get in touch with them. They will be helpful in putting your plan into application.

While your ex is having a hard time thinking of you, seeing you in a good mood having fun with your friends will be jaw breaking. You should be locked up in your room wiping rivers of tears right?! Well, guess again: you're out and you're having a great time while your ex is missing all the fun. That'll make him/her reconsider his thoughts about how pathetic and predictable you are. Stay cool, make the most out of your time, and your ex will find a place to hit their head on because of breaking up with you.

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Love is such a fickle emotion. Sometimes you're at the top of the roller coaster and other times you're at the bottom, and sometimes you're in the middle of a loop de loop stuck in mid air not knowing what's gonna happen next. So too is it when you're in a relationship that suddenly disappears from under you. How then are you going to win your ex back? You're still friends, you just aren't a couple anymore, so you know there's still hope. All you have to do now is convince your ex that you are the only one for him or her.

So how are you going to convince your ex and what steps are you willing to undergo to achieve your goal so you can win your ex back? Do you have a plan? Have you spoken with your ex? If so, do you know why you broke up? If you do, then you have the answer but you still need a solution. Let's say your ex broke off the relationship because life is too short to be stuck to one person so early in life, and your ex wants to spread the proverbial wings a bit.

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You realize there's nothing to do to win your ex back, but you still feel terrible. How can you overcome? Simple really. Do your best keeping the friendship blossoming. As friends you will be around each other a bit more.

You've both come to an agreement that you should see other people but you want to stay friends. Step back, take a deep breath and chill. Maybe you there is nothing you can do right now to win your ex back, but you do need a break from each other so a break might be a good thing to do those other things you kept putting off like joining a band or maybe the track team or the local gym sounds good. Take your time.

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Did you know that you can actually repel your ex away forever? You see, as long as you are in an emotional state of mind, you will end up doing things which will repel your ex away for good. Of course, the last thing you want is to make a huge mistake that will cost you for the rest of your life; which is why you must stop doing these 10 deadly blunders ASAP, if you really want to get your ex back...

1. Calling your ex a zillion times- Your ex hates this, and it makes you look pathetic and annoying. So stop calling your ex, otherwise you will just come across as desperate.

2. Drilling your ex about the past- Arguing over the past only makes your ex thankful that they broke up with you, which is why you need to quit drilling your ex about what they did or didn't do etc..

3. Blackmailing- Trying to get your ex to take you back, by saying you will hurt them or yourself in some way. This may be by threatening to send out pictures, spread lies, or something worse; and only makes your ex want to get far away from you.

4. Begging your ex to come back to you - I know you did this, and it really makes your ex laugh at you. It may boost your ex's ego to see someone going crazy over them, but at the end of the day, your ex wants someone who isn't extremely desperate and needy.

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5. Following your ex around - This is called stalking, and it really makes your ex feel uncomfortable, and makes them feel like you are an obsessed and disturbed individual who does not comprehend the meaning of space.

6. Apologizing one million times for everything - You may even be saying sorry for things that weren't your fault, and you are only making your ex think you are simply using this as a desperate tactic to get them back, and they will reject you every single time.

7. Saying you will change, over and over again - Your ex does not want to hear it, they want to see it, and the more they hear it, the less likely they will be to ever believe you have actually changed.

8.Calling your ex and saying it's urgent - Calling your ex and leaving messages like "its urgent" or "its an emergency, call me back" and even doing the same thing via text messages or emails will not make your ex call you back! In fact, it will just make your ex ignore you even more, because it is an extremely desperate move.

9. Acting depressed and down - No one wants to be around someone who has low self esteem and can't even get on with life, just because of a breakup. Your ex finds this to be your lowest point, and really wants nothing to do with someone who acts this way.

10. Saying "I LOVE YOU" all the time- If you literally wanted to scare your ex away, then this would do the job! Stop telling your ex this, because it makes them feel like you are trying to force them to feel the same way back.

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