Ex Started Talking To Me Again Then Stopped: Ex Comes Back Then Ignores Me

Let's agree that the feelings that come with breakups are hard and destructive. Trying to get back to your ex especially if you have strong feelings towards him/her might press on your nerves and make your life unbearable.

What makes things worse is when your ex is giving you mixed signals. Sometimes s/he is cold and sometimes s/he is hot. You can not make up your mind.

What to do if you were in this situation and you can not decide if your ex is still concerned with a relationship with you or if s/he is just playing games and passing the time till the right candidate fills your empty post?

There are some ways you can decode this secret and handle this dilemma wisely and successfully.

- Be cool: Being cool is the most important thing you have to do. Do not get overexcited because s/he wanted to see you or if s/he had sent a text to you. Just tell yourself that your ex does these things because s/he still interested in you.

- Agree with your ex that you want to be just friends: It is OK if you act cool and you express your interest in a friendship relationship. That will save you the emotions; the tension and you will have a hassle-free relationship with your ex with almost all the advantages. You will agree to keep a casual relationship without sex. Even if you had sex that will not be a very bad idea because you are friends. You are not an ex couple. If you kept dealing with your ex with this attitude that s/he will discover that the mixed signals s/he was giving is a bad idea and that it will backfire at him/her. S/he will start to define the new relationship rather than giving false indications or promises.

- Take the initiative and give mixed signals: By making your ex tasting the same medicine s/he was trying to give to you, you will be in the lead. Take the initiative and try to give him/her the hot and cold feelings. This will drive him/her crazy and s/he will discover how stupid this game is and you can then put your terms and start a new healthy relationship.

Finally giving mixed signals means that your ex is confused and can not make up his/her mind yet. S/he might have the feelings but s/he can not express them naturally and that is what causes the mixed signals problem.

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So you want your ex back and you've basically tried almost all of the available means to do so, but you are still getting nothing, not a single word at all. Doing all that pleading and begging made him close the only window of opportunity to reconciliation. Now all you want is a chance to be heard even for the last time.

Here are some tips on how to make your ex start talking to you again:

Stop What You Are Doing

Whatever it is that you are doing, calling, texting, emailing, writing him snail mails, or even stalking him, STOP IT! It won't do you any good at all. You will only push him further away from you. Do not make him forget the times that you actually enjoyed each other's company. Instead, make him miss you. If you suddenly stop pestering him for another chance, it can actually work to your advantage. The more you let him think that you're over him by totally cutting your communication with him the better it will be for you. If he is that easy, then you're lucky, it will actually make your ex start talking to you again.

Give Yourself And Your Ex A Time Out

This may sound a bit crazy for you, but if you let yourself and your ex to have a bit of a time out from each other, the both of you are bound to realize that it is actually good. Whatever caused your break-up needs to be addressed, even if you're already broken up. If you allow each other not to see or speak with one another then maybe both of you will realize that you are actually missing each other.

Enjoy Your Time With Your Family Or Friends

You may have accidentally neglected your family or friends during the entire relationship with your ex. Now is the right time that you start reconnecting with them for moral support. It will also allow you to realize what you have been missing, and that's their company. If you do this, it will make you happier. This is as opposed to locking yourself up to the world and sulking over spilled milk. Surround yourself with people that can inspire you to live this life even without your ex. If your ex begins to notice the change in you then it will make your ex start talking to you again.

A time away from your ex and a time given to yourself will actually make your ex start talking to you again.

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You want to get your ex back, but you can actually really mess things up if you don't know what you are doing. You may miss your ex, and be desperate to do anything, but chances are you will do all of the wrong things, and inadvertently push your ex away for good. Of course that is the last thing which you want to do, which is why you need to pay close attention to these next 3 points...

Why did you break up in the first place? - If you cannot even answer this question, then you have some serious thinking to do. You see, my point here, is that most people actually break up when they hit the breaking point. People get sick of the problems that are thrown their way, when a partner doesn't want to change, has bad habits, and many other issues; and finally are forced to break up. Chances are, you are at fault for a few things here, and you need to understand why you broke up before you get your ex back.

Are you willing to change? - a lot of people just tell their ex they changed, and never actually do. After examining the causes of your breakup, you need to make a serious promise to yourself that you are going to change and improve to be your best self; because if you cannot, your ex will never want to take you back.

What does your ex want- After establishing the first two things, you need to know what your ex actually wants, because a lot of people breakup just for some space. You see, your ex may actually still want you, or your ex may want you to change certain things, or may just want some space; but whatever the case is, you must be aware of what your ex wants, so you can take immediate action to ensure that your ex can have their desires fulfilled. You see, this is a very important step, because a relationship takes two people; and although YOU want YOUR ex back, you also need to consider what your ex wants too; otherwise they may simply just move on forever.

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If you want to make your ex want you back then you have to resort to some careful mind games. The idea is to psychologically convince your ex that he/she has to be with you. Though this process takes a little time its result are long lasting. Here is what you need to do to make your ex want you back

Get off your ex's radar
To begin with you have to go off your ex's radar completely. This is not the time to do any damage control by calling, texting or emailing. Any such attempt is only going to cause more damage. Instead use this time to objectively analyze why your relationship went wrong and take corrective action

Arouse his/her curiosity
You have to make some dramatic changes to your appearance and give your ex some fleeting glances of your new self. This is to arouse his/her curiosity. Since your ex has been expecting you to follow him/her around and you haven't and have emerged in a new avatar, you will definitely be talked about. Leave an impression.

Be content with your life
Appear as if you are content with your life. Don't go into a depressed, brooding phase as that will not help you. Instead work on becoming a positive individual and take each pitfall as a learning experience. This positive attitude will reflect well on you.

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Use the messenger service
Now, use a bit of cunning and use your old common friends to be the messenger service without making it look apparent. The idea is to talk well of your ex to his/her friends and make them feel like you are the best person for their friend. This news will get communicated to your ex and he/she will want to get back in touch with you.

Bump into your ex accidentally
Now have a chance encounter with your ex. Arrange for a chance encounter that is casual and brief. Don't get all lovesick around your ex and ask him/her to get back with you. Instead, be very cool and just ask of his/her well being and take off telling him/her to call you sometime.

Don't look romantically interested
Your ex will call you back in sometime as he/she will want to know what you have been up to. This is the time to make an impression. Make your ex feel that you have changed all the wrong things about yourself but don't seem romantically inclined.

Show him/her how much you have changed
Make your ex see the change in you through your actions and you will soon find him/her back with you.

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