Ex Says She Misses Me Then Ignores Me: My Ex Says She Misses Me But Doesn't Want A Relationship

Are you going through this thought process? " My ex says she misses me. Can I trust her? My ex keeps calling me too. There is a reason I broke it off. I am worried she just wants a hookup, and is not serious. It will kill me if I take her back, and then she breaks my heart." I feel you. It is never easy to call the relationship off. You did it because you felt you were not respected, and you were the only one trying to make it work. Now your ex keeps calling, and she says she has changed, and wants to get back together. What are you supposed to think?

If you broke it off because of some cheating behavior on your ex's part, that means you were hurt before, but were probably still in love with her when you called it quits. Make sure you do not trick yourself into thinking, "My ex says she misses me. Maybe she is being honest. Anyone can make a mistake, and I miss her so much. Maybe I should give her another chance." You know your ex better than anyone. Do not rush to judgment. I know you want it to be right again, and your feelings are so torn. But if you let her back and the two of you have not had sufficient time apart to work on yourselves and the relationship, it is going to hurt twice as much when you split.

Many couples have a quick rebound get together immediately after a break up. It almost always ends up ugly, with name-calling with emotions raw and pained. This could cause you to never trust again. If I were you, and my ex she she misses me, I would immediately step back and think long and hard about meeting. The best thing to do here is to schedule some time to chat on the phone. You DO NOT want to talk for long periods of time. Just be calm, in control, and let her know your concern. Then set up a meet in a public, day-time place where you can talk about the future.

None of this should happen, however, until you have been apart for a month or more. This will guarantee that the rebound trap does not spring on you, and that everyone has worked on themselves, and really looked into the reasons for the breakup. As is always the case, taking some time off will help you never again have to say, "My ex says she misses me, and my ex keeps calling. What should I do?"

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Are you trying to get your ex girlfriend back when she is ignoring you? You've tried to call her but she didn't answer the phone. You've tried to send her emails and text messages but you didn't get any reply either. So, how can you get her back in the situation like this?

Well, there are many reasons why she is ignoring you. She may not be ready to talk to you after the break up. Or she doesn't know what to say to you. This might be the reason why she doesn't answer your phone or reply your emails and messages.

So, to get your ex girlfriend back when she is ignoring you, first you need to stop calling her and stop sending her your emails or messages. If she doesn't reply your emails or answer your phone and you still continue to do that, then you will annoy her and cause her to ignore you even more.

You should give her some time and space. Don't try to contact her at least two weeks after the break up. Just leave her alone. She needs time and space in this moment. If you can do as mentioned, it is possible that she will appreciate that. Besides, it is good for your situation as well.

In addition, it is also possible that she might start to miss you during this time. Remember, she can't miss you if you still call her and send emails and messages to her as mentioned. However, if you stop contacting her in any form of communication, she might start to wonder where you are and what you are doing or why you are not trying to do anything to get her back. Remember, to get your ex girlfriend back when she is ignoring you, you should try your best not to be desperate and needy.

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If your relationship has recently ended and you want to get your ex back, learning that they have moved on with their life is a horribly painful thing to hear. But this does not mean that all hope is lost. You must definitely proceed with caution, but it is possible to get your ex back, even if they've moved on with their life.

When the breakup occurred is of vital importance here. If it was recent, it probably isn't the right time to get your ex back. You need to allow for some time and space so that they can get over their hurt feeling. However, if it has been awhile since the split, you do not know what it going on with their life, and it is probably safe to call, but be prepared that the information you hear might not be what you'd like to hear.

You must approach your conversation with your ex as a friend and nothing more. You should have a brief, polite chat discussing the major things that have been going on in both your lives, and then leave it at that. Do not continue to try to make contact.

The fact that you called him or her is going to put you on their mind and they are very likely to make contact with you again after that. If he or she does contact you again, keep the conversation light, it is alright to care about what is going on, but don't try to take things further than friendship.

These discussions will give you a good idea as to whether or not you will get your ex back. They could mention they've met someone else. And as hard as this is to deal with, you must accept this and move on with your life. But if they express missing you, or make suggestions to get together. This is likely your chance to get your ex back, once and for all.

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So, you come home after a great day at work and the house is empty. What happened? You have looked everywhere for a note, checked your phones for messages, and even an email. Nothing at all! No explanation of what happened. You need to immediately find out what happened!

Actually do not call your ex at all. Instead call up a couple mutual friends to see what is up. They be just as surprised as you, lie to your face as a cover up, or be straight up and honest with you. Just make sure that is OK and tell your friends to let your ex know that you accept their decision.

Now, go out and get the relationship out of your system. Go clubbing and party really hard. If someone is flirting, flirt back. Hang with all your friends and make some new ones.

You are not cheating on your ex. You are just hinting that you are looking and you do not need them anymore as they do not need you! You just do not care at all!

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This will drive them crazy. You are probably getting cursed at while they are missing you at the same time. This is exactly what you wanted the whole time. Sweet revenge and regret! It is working like a charm!

What friend ever keeps their mouth shut when something is going on. You never know pictures may have been sent via cell phone or even text message. Evidence in your ex's face could be the wake up call they so need!

It will not take long at all for your ex to be coming back begging forgiveness. They will say how sorry they were for leaving you. Make sure you do the same!

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