Ex Rubbing New Relationship In My Face: Why Does My Ex Rub His New Girlfriend In My Face

Isn't it like achieving the impossible when you're planning to get your Ex back when your Ex is already dating someone else? Just when you thought that the breakup was the worst thing that could have happened to you in life, things just got worse when your Ex started seeing another person. Now that's what they call adding insult to injury! However, you can't afford to let things remain the same way, or else you might lose your Ex partner for good.

If you're willing to go to any extent to bring your Ex back in your life when your Ex is already dating someone else, here are a few tips that will give you a head start in your journey:

Always Strive to Outshine your Opponent:

There are two ways to approach any competition, either you try to hurt your opponent so that you can win without even performing in an outstanding manner, or you can play the game fairly and win the game on merit. Now bringing the same principle to your relationship, it's like a competition between your Ex's new date and yourself and you have to determine your approach. If you try to make things happen in such a manner that your Ex starts demeaning the new date, then you're moving down the wrong path. A better approach will be to outshine your opponent, so that your Ex comes back to you only because you are the best, and not because your Ex couldn't find anyone better than you.

Keep the New Date Out of the Line of Fire:

Despite the fact that your Ex's new partner is the biggest obstacle in your way of victory, you still have to make sure that in your efforts to get your Ex back, you don't hurt the third person. If you try any clever tricks to clear your path by removing the new person from the stage, that will not be the right approach. The reason for this is that you will only get your Ex back temporarily, on the other hand, if your Ex spends time with the new date and comes back of his or her sweet will, your new relationship will be stronger than before. Funny ideas will cross your mind when your Ex is already dating someone else, but you have to overcome the temptation of putting them to practice.

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Give your Ex the Freedom to Make a Choice:

Right now your Ex is away with someone else, probably because your Ex needed a change of environment and company. Now that when your Ex is already dating someone else, the best thing that you can do is to let them figure out what they really want in future. Forcing things with your Ex is going to paint you as a villain, so let your Ex freely decide, and in all possibility, your Ex will return to you.

There Is Always Room For Learning:

Your Ex is dating another person, and you can't do much about it. While you let your Ex decide the fate of your mutual relationship with your Ex, you can learn a lesson or two about relationships and emotions. Ever since your Ex called the breakup, have you given a serious thought to the exact reasons that forced the breakup? Now is the time to learn a few lessons about how to make relationships work well.

Time Can Heal All Wounds:

No matter how many nasty remarks the two of you made about each other leading up to the breakup, a little time and some space can heal all the wounds. Giving your Ex some space and time to spend with a new date is not a bad idea as you can count on the fact that soon enough your Ex will realize the role you played in his or her life. Once your Ex starts missing you, then you can be rest assured that in recent future both of you will be living together once again.

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Your ex is dating someone else. Logically you knew that it was bound to happen eventually. Emotionally it's completely tearing you apart inside. It's helped you to come to the realization that you are still so much in love with them. But what now? Have you waited too long to try and get them back? Is there still a chance you can steal them back even though they're with someone new? If you're determined because you believe that they're really the right partner for you, you can change the situation and get them back. It's certainly not going to be super simple but when it comes to love it's all about doing whatever it takes to ensure you don't lose it forever.

If your ex is dating someone else, acceptance is the order of the day. Getting upset about it or wishing it weren't true won't change a thing. The fact of the matter is that your ex moved on and has now seemingly gotten over you. You have to realize that's what's happened. If you can do that you'll get yourself into a good and strong place emotionally. You'll have a clearer vision of what you need to accomplish and you'll also make fewer mistakes along the way.

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You need to re-establish a connection with your ex and obviously, for the moment, it's not going to be one of lovers. That's why approaching them from a purely platonic place is so helpful. You need to call them up and strike up a generic conversation with them. Ask how they are, inquire about their work and then you're going to take the plunge and ask about their new partner. You must sound in control and casual when you do this. Be polite when they answer and do your level best to sound as sincere as you possibly can. This will help by showing your ex that you aren't jealous and you don't feel threatened in the slightest by the new person.

Most people are willing to have a friendship with their ex even if they're already dating someone new. Be respectful of the new partner but at the same time cement yourself in the position as trusted friend and number one supporter. Your ex will begin to see you as someone they can confide in and that's going to include confiding in you about their new love. Stay strong and helpful and in time when the cracks begin to show in that relationship you'll be the person your ex goes to for moral and emotional support. Once they break up your lover will come right back to you with open arms.

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This must be really heart-rending for you! Apart from feeling terribly depressed about losing your ex, your friends have now told you that your ex is involved with someone else. What is going on? Why has your ex jumped straight out of your relationship into another? Is it possible to get your ex back?

Of course this is devastating for you! However, I can put your mind at ease by telling you that this new "relationship" isn't a proper relationship as such, but is really a rebound relationship. This other person in your ex's life is simply someone to lean on while your ex is getting over the trauma of the break up.

Rebound relationships hardly ever last, and if and when this one ends with your ex, then you will get the opportunity to get your ex back. So the best thing to do now is to just leave your ex alone and let nature take its course.

In the meantime, do what ever you can to keep yourself busy to take your mind off the break up and your ex. If you do happen to bump into your ex and his new "partner," just be pleasant and greet them - that's all. No matter how upset you get to see them together, resist the urge to say anything else - it could ruin your chances to get your ex back.

Sooner or later your ex is going to realize that the new person is not the one he/she really needs in his/her life, but you. Your ex is going to start missing you like mad then, so much so that he will end the new relationship and make contact with you.

The new person will be out of your ex's life, and you can do what you've been patiently waiting to do - get your ex back. Now your ex will be ready to talk things over with you very willingly.

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Breakups are no fun thing, and it can leave you wondering what you did wrong, but if you were the one that initiated the break up, maybe you're regretting it. You may be hurt and feeling lonely, but there are a few things to do to get your ex to come back to you. Follow these steps carefully and use them to finally get your ex back...

Don't Chase Them
You want them to realize that you want them back, but avoid chasing after them and stalking them in a sense. The more you do this, you are going to look like a stalker and over obsessive which will only drive them away.

Stop Feeling Depressed
No matter who broke up with who, you are going to feel sad, but don't let your ex see this sadness or depression. It is not something that is going to attract them, and they are only going to distance themselves from you. No one wants to be around sadness.

Become Social
Breakups bluntly put suck. It can make you want to hibernate, but this is also another no-no. Get out and find new friends. Go to that party your friend invited you to for the weekend. Take yourself out for a day of shopping or to the beach.

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Give Yourself a Makeover
Ladies, go get your hair done. Men, get some new clothes. Women as well should get some new clothes. This can not only make you feel better about yourself, but it can also let your ex see that you are improving your appearance, and they are going to love the new you.

Keep in Contact
Try to talk to your ex once or twice a week, but nothing extensive. Don't cry or pour out emotions. Talk as friends and this may end up leading to something more if your ex sees that you have accepted things.

Improve Yourself
Don't feel sorry for yourself. Gain some confidence and work on improving different aspects of yourself. Learn a few more jokes and stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you deserve your ex.

Let Them Chase You
Your ex is waiting for you to chose them down and do all the talking and chasing. Turn the tables and wait until they come to you. As long as you are playing your cards right, they are sure to be pounding on your door or blowing up your phone.

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