Ex Looked Shocked To See Me: Running Into An Ex Who Dumped You

If you have broken up with your ex but still having feelings for your ex, how can you tell if they still love you? There's actually 5 tell-tale signs to look for if you want to know for sure if they really love you.

(1) Checks Up On You -

Have you noticed that your ex hasn't stopped calling just to see how you've been? Does it seem like they think of you quite often? People who are thinking of their ex significant other will call so the other person will know feelings for their ex are still there inside them.

(2) Friends but Invitations -

Do you have an ex who keeps asking you if you'd like to join him or her to do something? Do they say this is just as friends? It may be true in some cases. However, when feelings are still there, invitations generally mean they are comfortable with the breakup and want to see you still.

(3) Presents at the Holidays -

You never expect an ex to get you a present, right? The only time this will happen is when your ex still has a thing for you. You'll get a present or card for your birthday and/or holidays. You can tell by these actions that your ex is still pining away for you. Basically, they are still having feelings of love for you.

(4) Friends Tell You Your Ex Asks About You -

Another tell-tale sign that your ex is thinking about you is by asking your friends about you and your life. In fact, they may be curious to see who you are dating and what you have been doing with your time. If friends tell you about their curiosity, chances are your ex is still thinking and cares about you.

(5) They Still Do Things Like They Used To For You -

Is your ex still doing things for you out of the goodness of their heart? Do they remind you about events in your life such as family birthdays? Do they still remind you about things that should be done? If so, the chances are the feelings is still there. Why would they bother otherwise?

Should you be noticing these signs, then it's a sure bet that your ex still wants you back. The thing is: if you are still in love with your ex, you shouldn't squander time. Work on getting your ex back.

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Okay, so your relationship has died, but you are very much alive, so don't shut yourself in like a hermit, grab life with both hands and enjoy yourself. Yes, it is difficult in the beginning, because all you want is for your ex to come back to you, but as the days go by, it does get easier, I promise you.

You need to get yourself to a point where you are so happy, confident, and overflowing with happiness, that you become the catch of the day, and have your ex positively yearning to be back in your life again. The only way that you are going to accomplish this, is to actually get out there with your friends and your family, and do it.

After a while, you will be quite happy to be free again, and this will show on you because you will be enjoying yourself so much. Of course you will still be missing your ex, and you will still want him/her to come back to you, but the gap in your life will be filled by having lots of fun with people that make you really happy.

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Don't for one minute think that because you are not seeing your ex that it will damage any chance of getting him/her back into your life again either. On the contrary - staying away from your ex will also have your ex missing you and thinking about you a lot, and becoming just a little desperate to be a part of your fun life.

It will get to a stage where you are having the time of your life, eager to face each new day, and your ex will be sitting at home wondering what is going on with you, and whether the break up was a big mistake or not. These feelings will get stronger and stronger as time goes by, until your ex can't take it anymore.

In fact, while you are enjoying your life, don't be surprised if you hear that your ex has been talking to your friends about you and saying things that show without a doubt that he/she is desperate to be part of your life again, and is seriously thinking that it might be a good thing to come back to you.

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Appear to have moved on - When you do this, you automatically set your ex up to chase you. He/she will not be able to stand the fact that you appear to have forgotten about him/her completely; and that will hit their ego hard, and will force them to chase you.

Expand your social networks - Make new friends and get as popular as you can in as little time possible The fact that you will have other people around you more, and noticing you more will set your ex off. People are psychologically programmed to be more interested in something that everyone seems to want, so that is why it is critical to make as many friends and new acquaintances as possible.

date one of your ex's friends- This is a sick little trick, but if done for only a short period of time, it will literally get your ex chasing you. You see, it will make your ex jealous and will also make him/her afraid that they are going to lose you; which in the end will cause your ex to try and get you back.

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After a breakup, it is natural to be filled with a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, you are still in love with and want to get your ex back, but at the same time, you are so hurt by some of the things said during the course of the breakup that you are unsure as to whether or not you will be able to get over the hurtful things they had to say to you. When stuck in this situation, is there any good way to handle one's self?

Right now you are an emotional roller coaster, both angry and sad, hysterical and resigned. You name it, you feel it. This is not a good time to contact your partner to talk about a reconciliation. Until you've been able to calm down and come to terms with the breakup and the nasty things said during the heat of passion, any contact will only stand to hinder your chances to get your ex back.

Once you both have the time to heal, and move on from the fight and the breakup, you will be on better ground to begin talking to each other once again. You have a much greater chance to get your ex back if you are both calm and collected and are able to think rationally.

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You should take this time to heal, and also to do a lot of introspection on your relationship and what led to the demise. Your union did not just fall apart, something or somethings had to have led to the breakup. In order to have any chance to get your ex back, you are going to have to work on the mistakes you made during the relationship, especially if you hope to convince them that you've changed.

When you and your partner feel calm and collected enough to sit down and talk for the first time after the split, it is important not to rush into serious conversation about the breakup and the possibility of getting back together. You need to take things slowly, and this starts with learning how to enjoy one another's company again. You'll have a lot to talk about given your time apart and you are both in a much better place that makes getting back together an actual possibility.

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