Ex Doesn't Want To Be Friends: Being Friends With An Ex And Getting Back Together

After a break up, you might still want to preserve the friendship that you do have with your Ex. This is something that many people try to do but fail because at times it's too hard to just be friends. Find out what you can do that will help you get back to being friends.

First of all, take time to separate from the other person after the break up. This is time that you need for certain emotions in you to go away letting you have time to move on. If you don't do this, you will compromise your friendship by letting those old feelings come back which will be strong if done too soon.

State your intentions with your Ex that you want to be friends after the break up is over. Get your Ex to think about it and reply if this is something that they want to.

Have boundaries and define them. This might sound like an awkward conversation but it will make things easier. You don't want yourself or your partner to get to the point of begging for the relationship or trying to purposely cross lines that should not be crossed.

Don't be friends and alone at first. Be friends doing things with other friends that you have. Keep this situation very open and social with groups of people. This will keep you from crossing many of these boundaries.

You will have unresolved conflict. Let it go. Don't try to resolve this conflict as friends if it's an issue about your dating life with the person.

Don't talk about your dating life, intimacy, sexual topics, and other things like this. It's not going to be good for your friendship. Also Avoid your inside jokes, pet names, and other things like this that you two just shared.

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When you see your ex for the first time in awhile, you might feel pressure to make her see what she's been missing. While performing magic tricks and jumping through hoops with your dog might've seemed cool in your head, the odds are she'll just think you've lost all sanity.

Step 1:It's A Power Struggle: Seeing your ex out in public is the perfect example of the battle between good and evil. On one hand, you hate her and would love to chuck a beer at her head. On the other token, you're madly in love with her and would like nothing better to ravage her on top of the bar peanuts. It's best to balance this act for legal purposes.

Step 2:Like a JAG: Before you start donning your gold necklaces and multiple bluetooth devices, consider that JAG in this instance means Just Another Guy or Just Another Girl. Sure, they're your ex but in the current situation, it doesn't give you any right to berate them or likewise present them with a bouquet.

Step 3:Courteous You should be courteous to everybody but especially towards your ex when you see them out. They might be the one that chucks the beer at your head but you'll win the crowd over if you walk over to them and commend them on their improved throwing accuracy.

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Step 4: Friendly: Don't put too much mustard on it and laugh hysterically for 5 minutes at their lame wine jokes but do something you wouldn't normally do like offer to buy your ex's group a round of drinks and make sure to introduce yourself to everybody. This is part of the mind games that make you look like you're handling everything just fine.

Step 5:Move Around: If you see your ex out and about, they won't be impressed that you've set up shop in one corner of the party and haven't made any attempt to socialize. On the other hand, they'll be jealous of you if you make your way to a few different groups and let out a few big chuckles at their lame wine jokes.

Step 6:Not Locked In You'll just creep your ex out if you stare them down all night and the only time they'll talk to you is when they present you with a restraining order. On the other hand, if you two lock eyes during a few faint glimpses over the course of the night it can be pretty special.

Step 7:No Long Goodbyes: Running up to your ex before you leave and giving a long drawn out hug serves no purpose. Remember, you make a better impression by treating them like a (JAG) and if it's meant to be, the long hugs will come with time.

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First, just try to remember that there is some truth to that old saying, and in fact you CAN win more flies with honey than with vinegar. I guess the more simple way to say this is to say BE NICE. Go out of your way to make that person feel special again. Even if they don't respond as sweetly as you would hope in the beginning, at least they will secretly appreciate your gestures. Try wooing them like you did before the two of you ever started dating to begin with.

The second thing I recommend is to remember what made you fall head over heels back then. Before there was ever any trouble in paradise, there was something special. What was it? Focus on the good qualities, the great memories, and put all of your complaints aside. That person really did make you happy, and you want that feeling back again.

Finally, the third thing to do is to make yourself as attractive as possible to your ex. If you're anything like me, then the depression hit and so did the extra ten pounds of depression weight. So, start working out, and get back in shape. Buy some new clothes, get a haircut and stand up straight, for heaven's sake. When you look good and feel good, they'll remember how much they want YOU back.

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Listen, you are depressed, moody, and desperate. Correct? Your ex feels the same exact way! But, do not let your ex know this! So, act like everything is fine if you accidentally bump into each other.

You need to act like you do not have a care in the world! Your ex on the other hand was hoping you were groveling and miserable since the breakup. If you want to get them back confuse them! You keep them guessing.

A few years back, I did the same thing when I had my breakup. It drove my ex crazy! After a few days of this, they were calling asking how I could be so happy?

Apparently, my ex was out with friends and was hearing stories of what I had been up to. That I was enjoying life to the fullest and looked truly happy. So, my ex called to get proof. It seemed to my ex that it was just a trick I was playing. Even my friends were in on it to get us back together.

Even though I was happy my ex called, I had to control my emotions and not start crying. We actually got back together a few weeks later. But, it brought us back together and we started talking again and going out. It felt like old times.

Just pretend and act like things are normal. It will drive them crazy and make them think why don't you care when you do? Then take a real vacation together and get away for a while!

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