Ex Boyfriend Says He Misses Me Then Ignores Me: Ex Reached Out To Me Then Stopped

Nobody can deny that you are stuck in a very tough situation if your ex boyfriend ignores you even if you are interested in him and want to get back together.

It is quite natural that a woman keeps calling her ex boyfriend after the break up in order to talk to him about the real reason of splitting with you. However, by contacting your ex non stop would make the situation worse, therefore, you should take a step back right now and keep yourself down before taking any further actions to win him back.

It is a big mistake if you were to call and text your ex boyfriend over and over again so that to determine the cause that lead to the break up.

In fact, it would be a serious warning sign that your chances of winning him back is getting slimmer and slimmer if he ignores your calls, emails and voice messages each and every time you contact him.

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According to experiences, men normally need more time to cool themselves down and sort through their emotions after a break up. You just need to respect them on their decisions. If you keep contacting him, you are not only breaching the rule of "No contact", but also making your situation from possible to impossible.

Getting your ex boyfriend is virtually possible if you observe the on contact rule. So, the first thing that you need to do is to stop contacting your ex boyfriend right now and try to ignore him at this moment. The best way to do so is to delete his telephone number from your cell phone and in the meantime, delete his email address from whatever address book.

Conversely, if you have stop contacting him, sooner or later he will start wondering what has occurred to you. From that moment onwards, it is believed that he will try to initiate the contact with you like what you did.

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If you're planning to get your ex boyfriend back through text, then you need to know that there are some problems associated with this plan when you start out. For one thing, what you say or mean can be misconstrued through text. So, if you want to get the right message across, then you have to stick to the basics when texting your ex boyfriend. Below are the following basic text messages that you can use.

Basic Text Message No. 1: "You're awesome."

Texting small and simple compliments can help you get your ex boyfriend back. This would be particularly true if you haven't sent him any messages that show that you are still interested in him yet. You may have suspicions about him knowing, but nonetheless, make sure to send him compliments. There's no harm in showing him that he's appreciated, after all.

Basic Text Message No. 2: "I love spending time with you."

A line as simple as this can go a long way. Whether it's because he makes you laugh or because he shares interesting stories, your ex boyfriend will appreciate it if you show him that you love what he's doing, even if they're pretty mundane.

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Basic Text Message No. 3: "Would you want to work things out between us?"

Your ex boyfriend, just like any guy out there, is no mind reader. So, if you want him to know that you want to get your ex boyfriend back, ask him if he's interested in working things out between you two in the future. By doing this through text, you are showing him that you're still interested without being too demanding or anything.

Basic Text Message No. 4: "Let's hang out sometime."

If your ex boyfriend agrees to "hang out" with you, then you just bagged the opportunity to remind him just what a great person you are. Even if you're just going out as friends, this would be your chance. Try to crack some funny jokes or throw some remarks that are in line with his interests and he'll have his attention on you the whole day.

Basic Text Message No. 5: 'I'm sorry."

Last but not the least, apologizing to your ex boyfriend, whether it was your fault your relationship ended or not, is an absolute must. If it was his fault, you still have to apologize because you might have still played a role in it. This is extremely important if you want to get your ex boyfriend back.

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How do I get my ex boyfriend back? This is a question a lot of women out there are asking themselves. Breakups are tough and if you really love your boyfriend then naturally, you would do what you can to get him back.

If you want to know "how to get him back," one of the most effective ways is to prove to him that you've changed. You may have done things that pushed him away and you refused to listen to his complaints. Now is your chance to prove to him that you value his opinions and that you really care about him.

Take some time off

Just like in any breakup, you're going to have to take some time off and give each other space. You may be eager to get him back but you can't exactly improve for the better in just a couple of days. It's going to take a lot of self reflection to try and change for the better.

Swallow your pride

It's true that you don't have to be a completely different person just to get your ex back. After all, he fell in love with you which means that he does love you for who you are. Still, we all have bad habits and attitudes that we need to get rid of. You're going to have to swallow your pride and be honest with yourself about what needs changing.

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This isn't just for him

When you change for the better, you're not just doing it for him. You're doing this for yourself too. It's great to know that you're trying your best to become a better person. If you tell yourself that this is what you want and it's time for a change, then it would make you even more motivated. He will start to see the difference in you because you're happy doing it.

Don't rush it

If you are hesitant or uncertain, then your ex is going to see that you're not really being genuine about changing your bad habits. In other words, you're going to have to prove it to yourself first and take your time in developing the new habit. Give yourself more time to heal or become a better person if that's what you need. Be patient because it's going to take time but if you're sincere about making these changes, your ex will see it and will appreciate what you're doing.

Agree on what needs to be changed

You and your partner need to agree on what needs to be changed. As mentioned, you don't have to be a completely different person but you can get rid of certain attitudes or habits that are affecting the relationship. For example, you've been spending too much time at work or with your friends. Then come to an agreement that you're going to have to make time for your ex as well your job and your social life.

When it comes to "getting an ex boyfriend back," just remember that making changes is effective. The good thing about this is that when your ex sees you making the effort, he'll also be motivated to do the same thing. After all, he's not perfect either but if he sees you trying to change for the better, then he might make the effort to become a better person as well.

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Now that you and your ex have broken up, you are a bit reluctant to talk to him/her right? If you think that this is the wrong approach, then think again! You are doing precisely what you should be doing to get your ex back. It is called the no contact rule, and it works like a bomb!

Yes, you and your ex are really hurt and angry right now, and will probably have another major argument if you do get together now, so staying away from each other will prevent this. Also, if you don't see each other for a while, it also gives you and your ex time to get over the trauma of the break up as well.

Another thing, although you might think that to stay away from each other will be detrimental to you and your ex, this is not so. In fact, being apart now will only enhance your true feelings for each other. You see, to get your ex back, you have to first start feeling better about yourself, before you can start feeling better about your ex and getting your relationship back on track.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

The only difficult thing about the no contact rule is that, although you are positively dying to see your ex again, you have to control these urges and have absolutely NO contact with your ex at all for a while. This is very hard to do, especially just after the break up - you want more than anything to patch things up, but if you get together too soon, then it only causes more damage to your already volatile situation.

To avoid making contact with your ex too soon, and to make it a little easier for yourself, keep yourself busy with anything and everything that you like doing, and anything that will give you pleasure and make you happy. This way, you won't only be staying away from your ex, but you will also be helping yourself to heal as well.

Once you are feeling really great, and like your old self again, then trying to get your ex back won't seem as daunting as it did before, and this will all be due to you making use of that very effective tool, the no contact rule.

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