Ex Boyfriend Is Confused About What He Wants: When A Man Is Confused About What He Wants

If you want to make your ex boyfriend love you again, you need to carefully think about how you are acting around him. One common mistake that women make after a break up is they go into desperation mode and start calling their ex begging for another chance. This feels like the right thing to do in the moment, but it's actually one of the very worst things you can do. There's one main thing to remember when you are trying to win a man back and that is to have as much self control as possible.

In order to effectively make your ex boyfriend love you again you have to remind him of why he fell in love with you in the first place. You can't do this if you are constantly overly emotional around him. Men like strong women and there's a very good chance that your strength was one of the things that drew him to you initially. One move that every woman should do after a break up, if she is still in love with her ex, is to accept his decision to move on. Even if you don't accept it internally make him believe that you have. He'll be impressed by your maturity and more importantly touched that you are putting his needs ahead of your own.

Showing him that you can prosper without him will also help make your ex boyfriend love you again. Get your life back on track after the break up. Take some classes, join a gym or go away for a girls' vacation week with some friends. You need to focus on you so you can become a woman that he'd find irresistible. Another part of this is the old playing hard to get trick. If you make yourself unavailable to him it will draw him back him. Don't ever make it clear to him that you would wait forever to be with him again. Make him believe that you have other options. If you do that he'll work at getting you back.

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You should know that words can be highly persuasive. In fact, you can harness the power of words and use it to win your ex boyfriend back and make him want you all over again. Contrary to what most people say, text messages can very well work in this department. So, if you do things properly, you can definitely win your ex boyfriend back, whether it was him who broke up with you or you with him.

Before anything else, if it was you who did the breaking up, you have to apologize to your ex boyfriend through text. Your apology is vital to his self-esteem. Also, apologizing will let him know that you care about him more than your ego. This will bring you a step closer to winning your ex boyfriend in the end.

Here's a sample text message to give you an idea:

"I'm truly sorry for what happened. I know it's my fault. If I ever got the chance, I'd go back in time and try to do things differently. Please understand that I was very emotional at that time and I had no intention of hurting you. Just know that if ever you need me, feel free to give me a call or a text."

That, in itself, is already a great apologetic text message. After all, it is sincere and pretty much contains everything that needs to be said. After that, it would be up to him to let these words get through him.

The next thing you have to do is ask your ex boyfriend out. It could be for dinner or even just afternoon coffee. You can send him something like, "Hey, do you want to meet and catch up over coffee?"

Relax. There's nothing wrong with making the first move. Taking the first step in this scenario is actually a good call because men aren't the type to make the first move when it comes to fixing relationships. Men are weird in that sense.

Now, when he does agree to meet up and you're finally with him, don't bring up anything from your past that could overwhelm him or make him feel threatened. Since this is your first meet-up after the breakup, just keep things light and fun. Stick to the funny and happy stories and the good memories you had together. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to look prettier than usual. After all, your goal is to win your ex boyfriend back, so every subtle gesture counts.

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When you and your ex first met, there was a spark, a draw - he loved the way you looked, acted, and treated him. If you want him back and want to keep him for the long haul, you need to find a way to recapture and enhance those elements of you he loves so much. This will not only ensure that he stays the course, it will make your man addicted to you! And who doesn't want that?

There are a few behaviors one should avoid when trying to intensify their man's interest. Men aren't fans of clingy and co-dependent women. This makes men feel pressured and smothered in a relationship. But they also don't want a woman who is so independent that she really has no need for her man to be around, other than for her enjoyment. He needs to feel as if there is something he has to offer that keeps him in the relationship.

Show that you trust him and care that he has a good time and a fun social like and you will make him not only swoon, you'll make your man addicted to you! Encourage him to go for a night out with his friends on occasion and he will truly appreciate your support of him. While your man most certainly loves you, it isn't good for either of you to spend every minute of every day together. If you really want the relationship to make it long-term, you will have to allow him his own space and learn how to enjoy yours.

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Another way to make him addicted to you is to show your respect and appreciation for the things they d for you, and to also try to make his life a little easier by throwing in an extra helping hand. After a long day of work, your man doesn't want to and shouldn't have to be nagged and harassed constantly about doing things for you. If you need assistance, ask for his help, don't demand it. This will help make your man addicted to you as it will show that you respect and appreciate his time.

Being your man's number one fan and champion is another great way to endear yourself to him and make your man addicted to you. If he gets a new job or joins a sports club, make sure to express interest in his interests. Tell him that you are proud of him and always be there to support him in whatever way he needs. By doing these few little things, you are sowing the seeds for a lifetime of happiness. Your man will love you so much that he would never have any reason to leave!

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And, more importantly, what do you do if your boyfriend or husband pulls away and becomes distant? Although a relationship may suddenly seem to go sour, chances are problems have been brewing for quite a while. After all, few people just wake up one morning out of the blue and suddenly decide it's time for a new relationship.

Most men are emotionally unavailable to some extent. Feelings make them uncomfortable and they don't know how to deal with them. Rather than work things out, they typically prefer to be alone when something is bothering them. As a woman, this can become extremely frustrating when your boyfriend or husband suddenly pulls away and becomes quiet and distant for no apparent reason.

If a man has become distant, then something is bothering him even if he tells you everything is fine. However, it doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is bothering him.

It could be stress from work. It could be a situation with his friends or family. It could be he's down on himself because he doesn't feel successful or is having a hard time obtaining his goals and dreams. It could be anything really. Just remember, men are problem solvers and, unlike women, they generally like to solve personal problems on their own.

Many times men suddenly pull away when they start to feel like a woman is trying to change them or when they no longer feel admired in a relationship. Have you been complaining a lot about the things he does? Does he stay out too late? Does he spend too much time with his buddies and not with you? Does he not pick up after himself enough?

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If a man starts to feel like you only focus on his faults and flaws and have stopped admiring his amazing qualities you fell in love with, then he can immediately start to feel alienated and distant. He puts up a wall, becomes guarded and defensive, and shuts off to you.

Men also suddenly pull away when they no longer feel like they can make you happy. A man doesn't want to be RESPONSIBLE for keeping you happy and entertained. Most men want to make their woman happy, but they don't want to feel responsible for it. A man wants to know you can be completely happy with him and also completely happy without him.

For example, if you have a miserable day being bored because you're stuck at home while he goes out with his buddies and then you make him feel responsible for it, then you'll alienate him. Be independent enough to have your own life that doesn't require him to be by your side 24/7.

A man may also pull away if you make him feel smothered in a relationship. This can happen if you try to advance into a serious relationship too fast or if you're already in a serious relationship and push for an engagement and marriage when he's not ready.

If a man suddenly pulls away from you, don't chase him. What he needs is space. Do your own thing and don't pressure him.

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