Ex Asked What I've Been Up To: What To Say When Your Ex Asks How You Are

If you are consumed by your love for your ex then do not worry since the candle might be equally bright on the other side too. Here are 10 tips that will lovingly tell you if your ex is still very much in love with you...

1-Has your ex established a calling pattern? If your ex has graduated from random calls to calling you daily at a particular time then yes, it is love.

2-If your ex has started including you in an increasing number of his/her daily activities then again, your ex has simply fallen right back in love with you.

3-Does your ex regularly return to those good old days and naughty nights? If your ex tries to steer you back into the past when both of you were madly in love then it is history trying desperately to repeat itself all over again.

4-If your ex has turned blind to different people dancing in front of him/her in a bid to get into a new relationship and instead has eyes only for you then again your ex is still in love with you.

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5-If your ex keeps an eagle eye on the people that you meet and takes your potential suitors as a serious threat then the breakup is not yet final.

6-Does your ex still shower you with gifts? Does he/she mumble a silly reason for giving you those gifts? If yes, then the love is very much present.

7-If your ex asks about you to common friends then this too could indicate that he/she still cares about your welfare.

8-if your ex still defends you in any argument instead of turning on you then this too can be taken as a positive sign.

9-Your ex makes a deliberate effort to look better, dress cooler and uses all other available methods to impress you even after the breakup.

10-If your ex apologizes and makes promises to treat you like a queen, and also proves it by acting on his/her promises, then congratulations. Your ex is still deeply, madly in love with you.

So, check these 10 tips and if your ex exhibits them then you can be sure that your ex has still not gotten over you.

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You've paid close attention to all of the advice the experts have given you about how to get your ex back. You've given your ex space. You've obeyed a no contact rule for several weeks.

You haven't begged, pleaded, or revealed a needy side of yourself. You've gone out, met new people, and had fun without your ex. You've kept control of your emotions and have remained confident.

You've done everything you're supposed to do, but now you're ready to make that all important first contact with your ex. And you've decided to use your cell phone to try and text your ex back.

You pull out your phone. You stare at the screen. You start to press a few buttons.

Then you get stuck.

The realization sets in that you don't really know what to say or how to say it. Do you just say hello? Do you apologize? Do you try and say something funny or romantic? Do you talk about the relationship or just pretend that everything is the way it used to be?

We've all been there. Trying to text your ex back after a breakup is never as easy as it sounds. But here are a few tips about text messages that can help you get one step closer to getting your ex back than you were yesterday.

1.) If at all possible, try to avoid sending what Michael Fiore refers to in his texting guide, Text Your Ex Back, as a "nothing" text. These texts basically say nothing and leave no hooks to get your ex to respond. Texts like "What's up" or "Hey" are great for every day conversation, but they are usually worthless when it comes to getting your ex back.

2.) Don't talk about the relationship. Your old relationship is dead and talking about it will only stir up negative feelings. Instead, you want to focus on texts that help your ex see you in a positive light and texts that help open them up to the idea of being with you in a new relationship.

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3.) Avoid holding a grudge or sending texts that make your ex feel like they owe you something. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you made in the relationship and be able to forgive your ex for their mistakes as well.

4.) Always keep texts positive if you want to get your ex back. Never get into a fight or any other type of negative conversation with your ex over text.

5.) Don't send needy texts that make you appear desperate to get your ex back.

6.) You should have a goal in mind for every text before you send it. What response do you hope to get from your ex? A smile? A laugh? Are you trying to bring back a specific memory of good times you've shared together? Always text with a purpose.

7.) Get the ball rolling with an "across the bow text". According to Michael Fiore, an across the bow text is "...that first text you send when you haven't talked to or seen your ex in a while, and is designed to let them know that you're thinking about them, that you don't have any negative feelings towards them, and that you're not horribly, horribly messed up over the break up (even if you actually are)."

Here's a quick example, "I just saw the cutest kitten. It made me smile and I immediately thought of you because I know how much you love cats. Hope you're doing great."

When you want to text your ex back after a breakup, using text messages like the one above are great because they keep things positive, they aren't pushy in any way, and they don't put any pressure on your ex to respond. It's always important to give your ex an "out" in your first few texts so they don't feel like they HAVE to respond.

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At first it seems pretty odd, but if you give it a second thought, you can really get your ex back by not getting in touch with them. Find out the reasons below:

Your ex has made it clear to you that your relationship has ended and therefore you should mind your own life. You are still in denial and simply can't believe how that happened. Heartbroken, left aside, disappointed, angry, jealous, paranoid, depressed: here's how I picture you at the moment. Don't feel bad about it, we've all been hurt and we know how that feels like.

Your ex is not in a better mood than you are; he/she is just not showing that to you. He/she may still want to protect you from seeing any sign of weakness and suffering on his/her face. OR anger and disappointment are so high at the moment that ANYTHING you say or do makes your loved one rage against you.

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Despite your urge to talk things over and try to solve your problems as soon as possible, you should listen to your ex's advice and back off. Lay back and see what happens. Your ex is expecting of you to call hysterically, to cry, to feel bad about everything and even to beg. That is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Don't call, don't cry, feel free and keep your dignity. If you manage to do that, you can have the control not over your own feelings, but over the entire situation.

I know you want to get your ex back in an instant, but patience really pays off. You do not need to get your ex back for another anger unleashing discussion, but for another try to be a happy couple like you used to. A certain way to do that is to go through your memories and reconstruct that image of you your ex has fallen in love with. Make sure the way to communicate to your ex that you have made that for them is non verbal: clothes, haircut, attitude, all in the company of your common friends. That will touch his feelings too and soon enough he'll begin to miss the "new old" you.It won't happen over night, but will happen for sure!

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Step #1: Give space- I know we just said there is already space; but calling your ex a zillion times a day, sure doesn't sound very mature, now does it? You see, as long as you are desperately throwing yourself at your ex, he/she will not want you back; therefore you must cut off all communication, so as to not appear easy.

Step #2: Change - There is a great saying that goes "be the change you want to see", by Gandhi. Now, that is what you must remember here, that if you actually expect your ex to want to be around you, talk to you, or take you back... that you need to change. Your ex probably broke up with you, because they got sick and tired of a few bad habits you had; and they got annoyed of always trying to change you. Instead of telling your ex you have changed, this time just change so that they believe it on their own accord.

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