Home tutoring was a trend that was leveraged by people who could not attend formal schooling for various reasons. It was observed that children could learn much more through home schooling or home tutoring because learning became more focussed. There was no unnecessary baggage of an external classroom which tends to appear like a jungle to children who dread the outside world. It was still not leveraged fully in the past because people doubted the efficacy of such a system. Before the revolution of the Internet home tutoring was practiced only by select parents. After the Internet became a household phenomenon online tutoring has been gaining popularity although similar methods are employed by online tutors as well. The differences evolved out of the needs of today’s learners and advancement in technology.

It has intrigued people why some parents choose home tutoring for their children. There are some crucial reasons for doing so. As per the National Center of educational statistics 36 percent of home tutored children stay at home for religious reasons; 21 percent do not like the traditional classroom set up and 17 percent are tutored at home because their parents are dissatisfied with the traditional schooling system. In the past it was rare but not uncommon to opt for home tutoring for children for some of these reasons. Looking at it from another angle the scope of learning is actually wider in home tutoring on account of the energy being more focussed. In a classroom the attention is inevitably divided as children are under pressure to deal with their peers and teachers. It has been claimed not with too much success that children learn to develop social skills when they go to traditional schools. It has been alternatively suggested that there can be a separate training on social skills as children grow a bit older. There is no need to combine both as that can be overwhelming for some children.

The point is that home tutoring has evolved depending on the learner’s needs. Home tutoring was seen as especially productive when it comes to teaching children languages, Mathematics and classical subjects. It is easier to control a smaller environment to achieve maximum learning. This advantage is common both to home tutoring and online tutoring. In online tutoring there is a need to use technology to enable learning. Both are efficient in terms of learning and when it comes to logistics online tutoring has been preferred as distance is not a hurdle due to the evolution of technology.

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