We are living in a time of great change, where we are being asked to take responsibility for what we have already created and what we are about to create................. this means being responsible not only for our conscious material/physical creations but we must now also take responsibility for the “Creation” from our Higher Self........ a plan that was set in place before we came here.
By far the biggest change came with our “separation” from higher dimensions, a split within our energy field when our Spirit came to earth to do its soul journey. As we came into a 3rd. dimension it represented a fragmentation of our higher dimension vibration as we lost our connection to “above”.
Over time this has developed into a “collective” wound as the “sins of the father” were passed from one generation to the next...and we were conditioned to believe we were unworthy and had failed
I do believe that it is in these “passed down wounds” that have created a condition Psychiatrist label as “free floating anxiety” or a mental dis-ease more commonly known as depression.
I also believe that as we stand back and see this problem from a bigger perspective we will have the support that will allow us to rewrite the script. Unfortunately though, we have had to revisit the pain in order to heal it.....................pain that was not resolved by our ancestors in their life time.
The energy on the planet at this time is enabling the information in the matriarch and the patriarch line of each individual’s DNA to be reviewed and reassessed.
In our little child’s mind we are excited about these changes but as we said, deep down change triggers pain and we have created blocks associated with these changes and pushed these issues deep into our subconscious so as not to be hurt again. It is like we have one foot on our conscious accelerator (getting excited about change) while at the same time (unconsciously) having one foot on the brake.
As we evolve into these higher dimensions, every change alters our vibration which reverberates with the same level as when we came to Earth originally to do this journey, triggering a level where all the pain from out genetic line was imprinted the first time around
To evolve we are required to let go of anything that is not serving us and is dragging us back, away from our original intent. There is this so called negative energy attempting to pull us back but because everything is unconditional love it is often very hard to tell the difference and walk the path that is in everyone’s highest good. This is the time we need to REMEMBER
Without realising it change represents an “energetic death” and depending on the severity of the change we go through the grieving process is just the same as it would in a physical death......and anger is one of the sages of grieving, so we need to understand this process.
There is a saying “time is money” but what is also true is ..........”time is money = energy”
Putting time and energy into a situation, a person, a job, relationship, child etc is the same as putting money into a bank; we have invested something of ourselves (energy) into something else. When that “something else” changes it represents a loss at a level of energy. Having a child for example is a death of a lifestyle and must be seen in this way so as to respect the “emotional” changes that happen. Positive change comes not as seeing it merely as a loss of freedom but to understand and accept it as “energy changes” and a new chapter in life
As we do our spiritual journey the path is fraught with change so with this new understanding in mind is it any wonder that as we grieve the past we have anger?........with understanding then, we can let go and go to the next level, that of acceptance
It has been my experience that pain (grief) sits just below anger and when we see anger not from an emotional viewpoint but merely as a form of energy we can then release the energy of these two emotions and it can be dissipated easily..............we just have to WANT to let it go.
Unfortunately “we are what we know” and our history becomes entrenched in our aura therefore accepting pain (even subconsciously) has become our comfort zone unless we can find a more worthy “cause” to focus on
With a new spiritual focus we now have an alternative as in our pain we have not been privy to “seeing” a larger picture of our creation and our purpose.............until now
The only way to let go of the past is to focus our energy more strongly on the future.
After years of doing this higher work with horses I do not now believe that we need to keep revisiting the past and going back over old issues but I DO believe that once we get higher information and it resonates with our Spirit, then we CAN let go because we are satisfied with knowing Spirit is going home.
Then and only then can we reverse face and look to do the physical work we came here to do
The horses can lead the way here as, working with the Universal Law of “like attracts like” their vibration is free of “emotions” therefore free of “blocks” in their energy field so they can more easily carry us through.
Taking total responsibility for everything we have taken on is the ONLY way to “enlightenment” and ultimately to our freedom, for if we cannot take responsibility for the small mundane issues in our life how can we take responsibility for the bigger picture of our mission in life and evolve into Oneness.
I am living this big time as I am seeing all the things, and issues I need to clear up before I can move on which I would have in the past “swept under the carpet”
As in each day I discover the strength to clear my wounds I find that the positive changes come readily, I reenergize my Spirit back to its original Self. I then set a new intention from this level of SELF...THIS NEW INTENTION THEN BECOMES MY VIBRATION and because “like attracts like” like magic, I begin to attract more evolved situations, people etc and everything around me changes for the better.
I see this too in the reaction I get from my own horses as they recognise a new level of respect, trust and commitment which taking responsibility has created.
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Veronica Garrett is a Naturopath, Metaphysician and through the study of horse/human behaviour has developed a unique system of personal growth through horses
She conducts online horse courses in Equine Assisted Therapy and Holistic Horsemanship