Everytime I See My Ex It Hurts: Why Does It Still Hurt When I See My Ex

Are you continuously thinking about how you are going to get your loved one back? Breakups with your lover can be extremely painful and gut wrenching. However it is time to stop fretting and read these superb strategies as to how to get your lover back!

Do not chase your lover
This definitely means that you should not make any phone calls (especially late at night), mail or text your lover. It also means that you should not show up at their haunt and behave as though you are stalking them. Remember your lover will hate to feel harassed and think of you as irritating and undesirable. Your lover should want to come back to you on his/her own free choice or will.

Boost your image
Instead of trying to stalk or chase your lover down, use your energy on working on your image and personality. What was it that attracted your lover to you when you first started dating? Enhance those qualities and reconnect with mutual friends as well as make new pals. Get rid of those weaknesses and become a totally new and fascinating person.

Purge away the insecurity
Get a new confidence in your abilities and looks. All emotions that are negative have to go! The most important thing is to get rid of your heartache and bitterness and replace these with an attitude that is positive.

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An attitude of gratitude
This will help you to honestly appreciate the good moments you shared with your lover. Count your blessings and be grateful for the number of things that are still worthwhile in your life. This will automatically make you shine and stand out in company. Your lover will be pleasantly surprised to see you have changed for the better.

Be open to making new friends
There is no harm in being a sociable person and enhancing your people skills. This will be a great asset when it comes to interacting with your lover. Stay away from the blame game and show your lover that getting together is not a bad idea. Your lover will be impressed by this show of maturity.

Make your lover miss you
Even while you stay away for a while and work on your strengths, it is important to keep the connection with your lover. So you can send him/her an occasional friendly message just to show that you have not forgotten the past all together. The fact that you are so popular now and have shown your lover a new exciting side of you will make them miss you.

You should have hope
As long as your lover has not really moved on to a new relationship you have hope. Endeavor to make all the right moves to get your lover back and be patient. This will prove that you respect his/her decision and are willing to give him/her the space needed to swing the favor back to you.

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So your ex broke up with you. The only thing that matters right now to you is to win them over. Do you know why? That's because you still love them. If you love them badly enough I guess you are ready to do anything to win them over.

First of all, you have to get your ex to miss you. They'll want you back only if they realize that they miss you. You want to win back your ex because you miss them right now. Here are some super effective tactics to make your ex miss you...

Agree With Your Ex's Decision to Breakup

Stop bombarding your ex with calls and messages. Write a handwritten letter thanking them for the breakup. Tell them that you feel that the breakup was the best thing for both of you.

This technique is counter intuitive but it works one hundred percent of the time. It will make your ex feel rejected. If your ex has been showing attitude towards you by ignoring you and hurting you, this will make them stop doing all those things.

Desert Your Ex Completely

That's right you have to leave your ex completely. Only if you disappear from their social circle, they'll begin to miss you and will realize that they still love you.

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Stop Thinking About Your Ex

It's very important that you don't think about the breakup. The breakup has already happened. There's no point worrying about it now. You don't control the breakup anymore and when you are thinking about it you are suffering.

Suffering is burning emotional energy on the uncontrollable. Suffering rids of all psychological energy and leads you to depression. To stop thinking about your ex and the breakup, you can do any of these four things:

o Find a new hobby or revive an old one
o Go shopping
o Read
o Hang out with friends
o Any conscious activity that keeps your mind engaged
o A Sport

Be Social

Start going out to parties and be seen more on the social scene. You must move on before you can win your ex back. Do everything you can do to be the life of the party. Enjoy being single.

Get In Touch With Your Ex

Call up your ex after you know that you've moved on and don't suffer anymore. Tell them the interesting things you've been doing and ask them to meet you. They'll definitely say yes.

During the date let them know that you've become mature and truly care about their life. Talk about good memories and subtly flirt with your ex. Build some sexual tension in your conversations and leave your ex to think about you. Amplify sexual tension during your conversations on phone, text messages. Soon your ex will start to miss you and will want you back.

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The feeling of being rejected can devastate a person's self esteem and you have gone through annihilation of the same scale since you found out that after leaving you, your ex is spending time with someone other than you. The fact that your ex is dating another person can be really demoralizing because this puts into question the reality of your relationship with your ex.

Although, things have deteriorated ever since the breakup you still need to embrace optimism. All is not lost even after the arrival of the other person on the scene. The main reason why you can still be hopeful is that usually people do get involved in rebound relationships after going through a hard break up. Your ex's case may be no different.

Do you want to know why rebound relationships come into existence? When you come to think of it, it is a natural reaction to get involved with someone soon after a break up. Your ex did it only to get you out of his/her mind and with that all the bad memories associated with the breakup.

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You're bent to win your ex back by all means necessary, but let's be fair about one thing; your ex's new partner is not responsible for your current problems. So, man up and keep the stranger out of the crossfire!

And here's an idea you might want to ponder upon. Why not let your ex figure out his/her future plans freely by letting him/her spend time with the new person, meanwhile, there is no harm in you dating someone on your side! If you and your ex are meant to live together nothing can prevent your reunion so just relax and let time decide if you will win your ex back or not.

Sooner rather than later you and your ex will read the writing on the wall that you're meant to live for each other together. That's how you're going to win your ex back, but be fair in this game and don't let others suffer for your mistakes.

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Get your friends to say things around your ex - We all want to fit in, and we all also want to meet other people's expectations, although unknowingly. Since your ex is no exception, you can simply just have your ex going crazy by getting your friends to say things.

You see, if you were to go to your ex and tell him/her everything in your heart, he/she wouldn't really care...but if your friends say it, your ex will instantly care, because it's from a third source, and not only this, your ex will want to prove your friends wrong.

Have your friends say things like "he was way too good for (your ex's name), so its good that they are not together".... "she can finally finish the things she wanted to, because she doesn't have (your ex's name) tying her down anymore"

You see, it is statements like this, which will make your ex literally want to prove them wrong. This will not rest well with your ex, having other people feel that he/she was always holding you back. That will make your ex feel so guilty, that he/she will go nuts just to prove them wrong, which means you will now have your ex chasing you.

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