Depression in one form or another affects many millions of people around the world and yet those who are depressed often feel a sense of isolation from others, among all the other sensations associated with the condition. Severe forms of depression require treatment from trained experts in the medical profession, but mild depression can be controlled and perhaps even cured with the use of some simple physical, mental and emotional exercises and techniques.

Persistent Sadness- One of the most distinguishable symptoms of mild depression is persistent sadness or anxiety. Often referred to as "feeling blue," this feeling of unhappiness has no distinct source and presents itself slowly over time.

Altered Sleep Habits- Individuals suffering from mild depression often experience disrupted sleep patterns, typically erring on the side of sleeping too much.

Altered Eating Habits- Eating habits are often disrupted. An individual suffering from mild depression may lose interest in food or have abnormal cravings for certain foods, particularly carbohydrates.

Disinterest In Common Activities- A symptom of mild depression is a loss of interest in daily activities, such as spending time with family, working or performing household duties like cleaning or food preparation.

Get a good night's sleep. Sleep has all kinds of beneficial effects and sleeping well is a cornerstone of good health.

Eat well. Eat three times a day and make sure you receive your nourishment from healthy fresh food. You don't have to go about this with religious zeal; if you want some chocolate cake one day, have some cake, but don't live on junk food.

Relax in a hot bath, perhaps with scented oils gentle music. Nurture your spirit with some peace and quiet.

Go for a walk in the park or in the country. Fresh air and light exercise can work wonders.

Go and see a good film. Sometimes all we need to do is escape from reality for a while. This kind of escapism is healthy.

Keep your mind occupied by reading a book or that lengthy article in a magazine that you've been flicking past.

Drink in moderation if you like but never to excess. Alcohol is a double edged sword. A glass of wine or two during and after an evening meal might help, but half a bottle before you eat isn't going to do you any good at all. Limit your consumption and never use booze as a crutch for support. It's a depressant, and a hangover will make your depression even worse.

Try St John's Wort. It's an herbal antidepressant that works well for some people. However, as it with all medication, please check your local pharmacist or doctor before taking this or any other medication.

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