Calphalon is a popular brand that advertises its products as a way to change your life and approach to cooking. They claim that their products help people enjoy the newest technologies and get better results every time. They also say that men and women will enjoy cooking once they get Calphalon products. Since they have everything you need in a kitchen and their brand is known for quality, we want to see if it really can change your approach to cooking.

Do you even need a set?

If you cook anything in your kitchen, you know that cookware is one of the key elements in making healthy and tasty foods. Cookware means frying pans, griddles, saucepans, pots and much more. If you want to put something inside the oven, then you should look for bakeware (which is also produced by Calphalon). For delicious fried meat you should get a quality wok or skillet, or take a frying pan (non-stick is always better!) and make delicious steak. There is a pan or pot for any kind of dish, and this special pan can make cooking faster and easier. I guess, this is what the company means when they say their products can change your attitude to cooking.

The main things about cookware

As you already know, different vessels are intended for different techniques. There are many things you should look at when you choose the first cookware: lids, handles, material, etc. Material is arguably the most important feature. Most cookware is made of glass, steel or ceramics, and you probably want it to be resistant to high temperatures and fire-proof. The material greatly affects the duration of preparation. It also changes the cooking method and the cost of cookware. The key characteristic of the material is thermal conductivity, which affects the time necessary for food to be cooked. Stocking properties are also important if you don't want to add a lot of oil to your dishes.

Manufacturers are aware of everything above, so the most popular cookware material is metal. It is one of the best heat conductors and it doesn't interact with foods, which means it's safe to use even under very high temperatures. The right combination of metals doesn't change the taste of food. Calphalon also covers the metal surface with a non-stick coating, so you don't need to add oil or other grease.

The technologies behind Calphalon

Innovations are what attract attention to this company. They have truly great non-stick surfaces. The food is released in a second, nothing stays in the pan or pot. Some of their sets include 5 different layers of metal and the core is made of copper, which conducts the heat evenly.

Is there anything else or only metal?

Even though Calphalon specializes in metal cookware, it has other options as well. You can find ceramic cookware with nonstick surfaces. However, even though it says "ceramic", the core is made of aluminum and then covered with several ceramic coatings. The coating is PTFE and PFOA tested, it's very durable and resistible to scratching. Ceramic is one of the most durable materials, but the price is often higher. Besides, its nonstick coating is less continent than some other options. Just make sure not to leave the pan over very high heat for a long period of time, because it can crack. Calphalon also offers tri-ply stainless-steel cookware that features several layers of different metals. Thanks to this "sandwich", the cookware takes the best properties from each metal. This is a unique feature of Calphalon, but if you choose one of their basic lines, you will not be disappointed.

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