Current position of School leavers Jobs in Sri Lanka

Before going deep, first of all we will see why we need a job? Most of us will answer saying because we need money to live. Yes, we need money to achieve certain things in our lives. We say to achieve our own goals or to have a better life. So to get all these things done choosing the correct path or the correct job is a task which you should do in a clear mind.

Job market in Sri Lanka nowadays is really good. There are plenty of opportunities for those who seek jobs in demanding sectors. With the immerging industries in many districts such as Colombo and Gampaha, you can see a higher vacancy rate. If you are in Gampaha district you can search jobs in Gampaha. When it comes to schools leavers situation in Sri Lanka, there are many possibilities for them to start their career life as they preferred. You can search school leavers jobs in Sri Lanka in any web portal and apply online.

Selecting a most suitable job for a school leaver

When selecting the most suitable job for school leaver there are certain points to be considered. You need to check the survey reports and see what the sectors which have more vacancies are and what job category have a growth or an expansion. Based on that you can select your job field or the field you need to do higher studies. Getting a school leaver is a wise decision in the employer’s point of view. They can see the strengths and weaknesses. Most of the multinational organizations are willing to recruit school leavers and train them in a professional way. If they perform well there is a high chance of getting them permanent or recruit them in contract basis where you can gain experience and start your career life in a better way. So search school leavers jobs in Sri Lanka in the web portals and you will understand the opportunities.

According to the research done, highest number of job openings can be seen in Accounts and Finance. Search for accounting jobs in Sri Lanka and you will understand the potential. But less number of candidates are applying. So there is always a shortage in actual requirement. So if you are a school leaver and searching a path to study better you move to Accounts and Finance sector. With the new industries there are plenty of accounting jobs in Sri Lanka can be seen and most of them are in Gampaha area. As there is high population in Gampaha district compared to Colombo you will see many jobs in Gampaha in most of the sectors.

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