What is a podcast?

A free audio program that is distributed over the Internet is termed a ‘podcast’. They can be downloaded, and you can listen to them as you wish. In short, it is like creating a radio station broadcasting only the topics you are interested in. Podcasts can cover any topic.

One chooses programs that cater to one’s interests, and programs can be swapped in and out according to one’s wishes. It’s like having a customized radio station that can be taken along with us, wherever we go, provided we have a smartphone.

Podcasts are quite similar to radio programs. But podcast creators distribute the program episodes over the Internet so that everyone can listen to it.

Podcasting follows the DIY (do it yourself) format, so when it comes to quality, it may vary greatly. While some podcasts may be recorded in professional studios, others may be recorded on a cell phone or a cheap microphone. Some may also be recorded in swanky home studios with good microphones. Likewise, the people hosting them may have great radio voices, or they may be nervous or excited. Which is actually not a bad thing.

People mostly use their podcast manager software to identify a new podcast. They may listen to a couple of episodes, and if they like them, they are likely to subscribe to that podcast. This means that when a new episode of the podcast comes out, it will appear almost instantly in your podcast manager.

Several radio programs, especially on public radio, are also available as podcasts, so these can be mixed in with other podcasts that you don’t get on the radio.

How to listen to podcasts?

There are several podcast managers that enable you to listen to podcasts and subscribe to them as well. Here are some of them:


You can download podcasts to your PC using Desktop programs. It is the most ideal option in case you are using only one computer. You could sync it with a portable mp3 player.

iTunes This is the most common podcast management tool. It also works fabulously as a desktop podcast manager. It is very easy to find podcasts to listen to through the iTunes Store for free. Moreover, it has good integration with iPhones, iPads, and iPods. If you use such devices, it is easy to keep a list of subscribed podcasts and a record of episodes, both listened-to and unlistened, in sync.

gPodder This is perhaps the best desktop alternative to iTunes. It, too, has an integrated podcast directory. Which means it is easy to find new podcasts with a few clicks. It also integrates well with Android mobile devices.


Web-based options enable you to listen to podcasts directly from your web browser. These are very convenient if you use different computers and devices but always have access to wi-fi, and you don’t have to rely on a cellular data plan. These usually rely on streaming audio, so if you are using a cellular Internet connection, your data plan will be devoured, so be careful.


This is a lot like ShortOrange but has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This is a good choice if you switch between a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices.


Those who listen to podcasts mainly on mobile devices have many options. Here are two that are really good:

Overcast is a great podcast manager for iOS. If they could improve the web interface, it would be even better. This is highly recommended for those who listen to podcasts using iOS most of the time.

Pocket Casts This is recommended for Android users. It has a great interface and syncs well across several Android devices. It is smart enough to download episodes when you are around wi-fi, without using mobile data.

How to find the Podcasts you want?

All of these podcast managers are integrated with a good podcast directory. This means you can easily search for podcast recommendations. It could be based on topics, or you can look up podcasts by name.

Most “recommendation” engines make it easy to browse through many topics – sports, entertainment, sports, news, games, history, etc. You can see lists of the most popular podcasts related to that topic, or recommendations for that topic. For broad categories, there will be lots of popular podcasts covering that topic.

Different websites offer lists of excellent podcasts for your listening pleasure. Google the topic you like, and then type “top podcasts”. You will get a list of podcasts related to that subject.

Some podcasts that you may like

There are many interesting and entertaining podcasts out there. For a sample, let’s take a look at some astrology podcasts since these are very popular.

AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast

AstroVed's Astrology Podcast offers a lot of insight into the fascinating science of astrology. Their monthly predictions based on Moon Signs will help you navigate life wisely and smartly. Created by some of the best Vedic astrologers, these free podcasts will tell you what to expect – opportunities or challenges - every month, and help you make the right decisions so that success comes knocking on your door. Occasionally, it delivers important messages from the founder, Dr. Pillai.

Download it here

The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan, a professional astrologer, hosts this podcast. It is a great choice for beginners as it will help you learn some basic stuff about astrology. You will know what a birth chart is and how to interpret it.

Alchemy with Ambi

Ambi Kavanagh is more than an astrologer. She is like a wise friend and counselor who uses astrology to heal people. She teaches you many things that help you to navigate life – how to forgive, how to be authentic, and how to manifest happiness.

Astro Twins Radio

Tali Edut and Ophira are identical twins. They have around 60k followers on Twitter. Whether you seek success in career, love, or finances, the Astro Twins will show you how astrology can help you get what you want. With their easy meditation practices and affirmations, they can inject a much-needed dose of positivity into your life

Cosmic Cousins

Hosted by Jeff Hinshaw, this simple but interesting podcast reveals how astrology can activate your intuition and connect everyone. Hinshaw believes that each of us has the power to make the world a more beautiful place and that we should use it as much as possible before we leave the world.

Happy listening!

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