Mundu is a traditional dress of Kerala or piece of cloth that men and women wrap around their waist. This attire is to serve bottom cover, and it comes in a wide variety to suit different genders.

The clothing shares similarities with Dhoti or Lungies, but they come in double and single drapes, depending on style. You can also find different borders, drapes, zari, and shades, depending on your personal preferences.

For women, the dress of Kerala is Mundum Neriyathum, and it consists of two pieces of clothes. The cloth looks very similar to Mundu, and women wear it with a blouse.

Although Mundu refers to the lower part of the garment, Neriyathum becomes the top part of it. Women usually tuck it inside their blouse or throw it over their shoulders.

This attire also prevalently is known as set saree or set-mundu because of two similar pieces of clothes.

Changes with time

Mundu of the older days used to have a single piece of cloth, and women used to wear it with a veshti or blouse. Veshti is a small piece of fabric that men place on the side of their shoulders.

A few decades ago, the pallu only came into existence when Keralan women started using pallu to cover their upper garments. Over the years, a festive mundu known as Kasavu Mundu has golden borders and usually exists with a broad border of Zari.


For a long time, mundu for women, the traditional dress of Kerala did not have significant variations except for a festive variation with a daily use cloth. The mundi is also knon has golden border Mundu or zari border Mundu. Pallu Mundus came into existence in the late 1970s, which is not the original form of Mundus.

Since women Mundus generally remain a regular use garment, it only exists in Kerala. The dress of Kerala also does not seem like having a future fashion culture because of its sobriety and simplicity.

The Mundu did inspire draping sarees of Nivi styles that are slowly becoming popular with Indian women.

Golden color

Despite new trends in fashion, Mundu sets will continue to be desirable attire for a few complex and essential reasons. There are a couple of aspects that are not touched by changes in the fashion world. Fabrics, trends, and colors are obsolete in a single blink of an eye.

Some colors, however, retain their appeal. The traditional dress of Kerala color of white and gold is surviving in Kerala for a very long time. The clothing is a definitive statement and is becoming a focus of a comfortable clothing color scheme.

Women and young girls are switching to salwar kameez, but you can still find many events where Mundu will prevail at the end.

Even popular actresses of India recognize the potential of this attire and give it a slight boost by wearing them on their social media page.

Some actresses prefer to call this attire a Kerala saree as well, which people definitely love.

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