Cataract is an eye condition in which the clarity of the patient’s lens gets blurry. This is an eye condition that begins when proteins in your eye produces clusters that stop the lens from sending clear pictures to your retina. The retina then alters the light that enters your lens into signals, and sends these to the optic nerve, that eventually takes signals to the brain.

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When Does the issue of Cataract Develop in the Eyes?

Cataract is the condition that develops gradually and eventually interferes with your eyesight. You can easily get cataract in both eyes, but they usually do not develop simultaneously. Of course, you can go to a doctor and they will suggest you what should be done. There are different treatments that they may recommend as per your specific condition.

Most cataracts develop with growing age and that is the reason cataracts are too common in elderly people. If you want to know if you have cataract, your eye specialist is going to check your medical history and symptoms and perform an eye check-up.

What are the Common signs of Cataracts?

You may possess cataract if you experience the following signs:

• Difficulty seeing at night
• Halos nearby lights
• Blurry vision
• A requirement for recurrent changes in prescription glasses
• Double vision in your affected eye
• Seeing colours as faded
• Inflamed sensitivity to glare

Which types of Tests are There to Diagnose Cataract?

Your eye doctor can conduct different tests to diagnose cataract such as:

Retinal Test

To be ready for a retinal exam, your eye doctor will put eye drops in your eyes to enlarge your pupils (dilate). It makes the process easier for the doctor, to examine the back of your eyes (retina). The eye doctor makes use of a slit lamp or a special device known as ophthalmoscope to evaluate your lens for signs of cataract.

Visual Acuity Test

In a visual acuity test, a doctor will use an eye chart to evaluate how well you can read a sequence of letters. The doctor evaluates your eyes one at a time and the other eye stays covered.

With a chart or a viewing device with increasingly smaller letters, your eye specialist will decide if you have 20/20 vision or if there are any symptoms of vision impairment in your eyes.

Slit-lamp Examination

A slit lamp is a procedure that allows your eye specialist to see the structures at the front of the eye under magnification. The microscope is called a slit lamp as it makes use of a penetrating line of light, a slit.

Furthermore, it is to brighten your iris, lens, cornea, and the space between your cornea and iris. With the slit, your doctor may view these structures in tiny units and that will make it convenient for him to find any tiny abnormalities.

Moreover, in general, you should take a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and some amount of good fats such as monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.

To sum up, you do no need to worry because cataract is a common eye condition and most of the people are undergoing it. You just need to discuss your case with your doctor and find out what is suitable for you.

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