There are several methods of hair removal. However, some like shaving and waxing can, at times, be overwhelming, considering you have to book regular sessions as soon as your hair grows back. Currently, most people want a more permanent method that will give them a break from regular hair maintenance. If you live around Parker laser hair removal is readily available through New Age Aesthetics & Wellness. They offer care and treatment to improve your look.

If you are considering booking a session for the treatment, here are some things you should know:

The process is not painful.

The laser used for this process is to heat and damage specific hair follicles. However, they also have a cooling mechanism that will ease the discomfort and make the procedure as smooth as possible.

You may not get results instantly.

One appointment may not get all the work done for you. It is required that you book regular sessions for you to begin seeing results. Some clients have even reported noticing the outcome after just two appointments. The hair follicles will not be at the same stage of growth when you have your first session. Therefore, be patient.

It would help if you shaved before your appointment.

Some methods, such as waxing, will require you to have hair before your session. The laser hair removal technique does not need hair. In fact, the hair may react with the laser to cause some irritation or discomfort. Therefore, use a hair trimmer for the area before.

You may be required to avoid some products.

The doctor will most likely advise you to avoid beauty products like scrubs, retinol creams, and glycolic acid about 48 hours before the procedure. Instead, use moisturizers if the area starts to get dry. For the next two weeks after the session, it is also good to avoid chemical peels as they could affect the healing process.

Laser hair removal works for all skin tones.

The laser right is designed to target the hair follicle melanin for removal. That is why it works best if you have a light skin tone and can be ineffective for the dark-toned.  However, this does not mean it won't work; the hair has to be dark enough to be detected by the laser.

It is a fast process.

The face appointment may take only 20 minutes to remove. This means that you can even do it over the lunch hour period and go back to your normal activities.

Irritation is normal

There is no need to worry if you begin to notice a change of color where the skin turns slightly red. You may also experience some irritation, but it is not a big deal. The doctor will recommend you stay away from the sun and keep hydrated. After a few days, the symptoms should go away.

You do not have to put up with painful waxes, the risk of getting cut when shaving, and regular plucking using tweezers. Laser hair removal is now the most convenient solution. It is more permanent and will leave your skin smoother. Book an appointment with New Age Aesthetics & Wellness for any questions about hair and skin treatments.

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