Australia is a vast landmass characterized by its enormous barren stretches. If you are planning to move around the country by a Motorhome, it will be an exciting endeavour unless you get yourself stuck in a situation in a desolate place far from human habitats. You would want to be as independent as possible in these situations, without worrying about the batteries or the level of freshwater tanks or whether the toilets are saturated or not. The best practice is to be prepared for the worst of situations, and if they may arise, having a prior checklist on you might come in handy. It will develop your car for any future mishaps that might occur on the road. A typical list is going to look something like this, but you can personalize it depending on your needs: 

  • To save up electricity and reduce usage, you would want to go to bed early and get up early in the morning. 
  • You should switch on the lights only when it’s necessary. 
  • You should also think about turning your refrigerator off for the night. However, if it’s scorching summer and there are chances of the food getting spoiled, it’s probably a bad idea.
  • You should also have meals that don’t require gas or electricity usage to save up on both. 
  • You should regularly check the tires for wear and tear. You should also make sure that they are inflated to optimum pressure. 
  • You should ensure that the components and belongings in your motorhome are clean and secure. This includes checking upon the power cables, make sure that the cupboards and drawers are safely shut, the gas cylinder is turned off, the campervan steps are appropriately lifted, and the windows are closed. 
  • Opt to use roadside facilities, i.e. showers and toilets whenever you get the chance. 

Things to remember when driving a motorhome

When you end up buying a motorhome for sale in Perth, you should know that they are not ordinary cars and manoeuvring them may be difficult at first. You need to get used to the ambience of the motorhome, and since it functions as a portable home, you should treat it as a dwelling place and not a small car. Here are some tips that would make your journey across the country more pleasurable: 

  • According to the convention, driving in Australia is on the left, so keep that in mind.
  • Keep in mind the height of your motorhome. This is especially necessary when you park the vehicle under a roof or a tree. 
  • Take it easy on the road! You have no destination to reach, and the way is your home. Therefore, you should drive keeping in mind the speed limit. The speed limit in most of Australia is 100 km per hour, and you should be under that to avoid ticketing. Slow driving would also ensure less fuel consumption and mitigate the wind factor.
  • The side winds are much more prominent in case of a motorhome. So, be careful in case a speeding truck passes by you. 
  • In case a wildlife animal strays on the road, be careful to hit the brake. Swerving will make you lose control of the vehicle and is not recommended at any cost. 

Agencies that provide campervans for sale in Perth know that their niche customer base has a thing for adventure. Therefore, they make sure to sell only the superior quality vehicle that will take care of all your basic needs. If you have any doubt regarding the motorhome model and things that come in the package, clear them with your seller from beforehand to avoid any confusion on the road. Happy road tripping!

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The owner of a company that provides campervans for sale in Perth locality, the author has one of the largest fleet of brand new motorhomes for sale in all of Perth. Besides running a successful organization, the author is an adventurer and an occasional blogger for the web.