Your landing on this page shows that you are thinking of bringing a golden retriever puppy to your home. The decision is definitely a great one and you will find a lot of advantages in this article. This blog will become helpful for you to get complete knowledge on the way to raise a retriever. However, if you are thinking about the golden retriever puppy price in India, they are available in different price ranges. 

So let us find out a little bit more about the golden retrievers. 

How to choose a breeder to buy a retriever? 

If you are looking forward to introducing a healthy and happy puppy, the first thing that you need is to find the right breeder. Make sure that the breeder is good and has a good reputation in the market. Only when they are passionate about the digs, can they make sure to offer healthy dogs to you. 

However, it is unfortunate to find that there are many irresponsible breeders who never offer the best. Therefore you need to do proper research before you choose. 

Tips to finding a good one: 

  • Check parents’ pedigree
  • Ask about their parents temperament
  • Ask for health clearance of parents
  • Meet their parents
  • Try to find a referral
  • It is always a great choice to choose someone who asks the same number of questions

We ask you to check these because:

  • Health will be largely dependent on the parents health 
  • Temperament is also an inherited factor
  • When you meet you will get o know if they are good at socialization

How to prepare yourself before buying? 

Now that you have found a breeder offering dog breeds in India with price that you feel is reasonable, you will need to assemble a few things that you need. Being a first time buyer, there are a few things that you need to know and include before buying. 

  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Toys
  • Brush
  • Food
  • Water bows
  • Treats
  • Harness
  • Poop bags

When it comes to the food and treat, you must be very gradual in introducing them to your pet. Since you're bringing a puppy who will be a kid, you have to maintain a pace and cannot be immediate. Therefore make sure you ask the breeder about the feeding and then gradually move to what you want them. 

How to Make Your House Puppy Proof? 

When you are bringing a sweet little puppy to your home, you need to think likewise. Therefore you need to keep in mind that they will keep crawling on the floor. Puppies will put anything that comes in front of them and therefore make sure you are not keeping any valuable or edible food in front of them. 

Make sure all the cabinets or the panties are closed so that they could not reach the food; make sure to keep the smelly trash aside so that they are attracted to them. Besides, you must make sure that there are no cords or cables left open to make sure that they are in one piece. 

Bottom Line: 

So now that you have gained some knowledge of the retrievers, you can choose a breeder offering a reasonable golden retriever puppy price in India. However, before that you have to keep in mind about doing the following thing to ensure a healthy puppy. 

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